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50 Words for Life Challenge (free of charge)

50 Words for Life challenge

What will learning 50 tricky words in one year do for you?


This free challenge will help you build your own personal store of tricky words. These are words that you find difficult to spell. I’ll let you into a secret…EVERYBODY HAS THEM.

Even spelling bee champions have words that they have to work at. They have to develop ways to remember how to spell those words. So will you.

Give yourself one year to learn 50 tricky words. You’ll be joining people all around the world!

Some people will have more words, some people will have less, but just think…even if you learn 20 new tricky words in one year, that’s pretty good.

Not only will you learn those spellings, but you’ll learn other words in their families, making your total of words that you have mastered far bigger.

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3 easy steps…

50 words for Life registration form1. Register yourself or your child/student. Press the registration button or scroll down to the registration form at the bottom of this page.



50 Words for Life Tracker

2. Download the 50 Words for Life Tracker


spelling ribbon3. Start learning and winning!







hall of fame

The 50 Words for Life Hall of Fame

Optional: You can enter your story on the 50 Words for Life Hall of Fame page and share your winning moments!






Here are some tips to help you learn your 50 Words for Life:


spelling marking

Mark the word


Write your word in the first column and underline or colour in the parts you need to remember most. For example, the word through has the letters o-u-g-h making the /oo/ sound. You might mark it like this:




Write the word in the air.

Write the word in the air.


Pretend you have a TV screen in front of you and write the word on the screen, big and bold, with your index finger. Do this every time you are studying the word. This helps the seeing part of your brain remember the word.




Group the word.

Group the word.


Tricky words can often be remembered in groups. It is much easier to learn families of words than words on their own. For instance, through shares the tricky   o-u-g-h spelling with other words, such as though and thought, bought, cough etc. Learning them together and observing how they are the same and how they are different will save you time in the long run.



Every time you have your morning break/tea/snack, practise your words. You might get time for one, you might get time for all 50, but use a set time in the morning to practise.







yayHow do I know when a word isn’t tricky any more?


When you can spell the word out loud quickly (in the same way that you can spell your name), you have truly learned the word.

So what are you waiting for? Register below and start your 50 Words for Life.







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