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50 Words for Life Hall of Fame

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Lyn StoneLyn Stone (42), Melbourne Australia


“I could never figure out whether this word had two l’s at the end. This is because it is often before suffixes that call for a double l (distillery, distilled etc.). Also, the word ‘still’ helps to confuse matters. I learned it by focusing on the final l.”



Alison Duff image

Alison Duff (53), Victoria Australia

TRICKY WORD: diarrhoea

“One  of my tricky words is diarrhoea. Although I don’t need to write it much I know I have to think twice before spelling it. Before spelling it, I say to myself ‘di- arr- ho- e- a’. I also stress the ‘ arr’ to remind myself that there is a double r. I also stress the ‘ho’ and remind myself to look for the hoe. Might sound complicated but after a while it becomes automatic!”


Eva Harrold, speech pathologist

 Eva Harrold (52), Speech Pathologist, Healesville Australia

TRICKY WORD: paediatrician

“I learnt to use this word by using it a lot in my work. It is the /ae/ in the first syllable, /ia/ in the second and third syllables and the /ia/ in the fifth, that is tricky.  I use the UK spelling.”


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