Spelling for Life Diagnostic Assessments Levels 1 & 2


A set of qualitative assessments that diagnose and inform. For use with the Spelling for Life Programme.


Product Description

These downloadable assessments are designed to assist teachers in determining specific error patterns, which, once identified, give guidance as to which areas of teaching are most urgent.

There are two sets of assessments for spelling levels 1 and 2, as outlined in the Spelling for Life programme.

The list below is a teacher guide to the components of each level.

The words in the tests vary in difficulty and are designed to test a combination of phonological, visual, morphological and etymological skill. They are intended to indicate whether extension exercises in any of the key areas are needed, prior to the actual lessons and again after re-testing.

Testing knowledge of:

Single vowels and consonants including the C, G, Q and Y rules.

Final Silent E

Wacky R’s

Vowel digraphs


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