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corporate-trainingCorporations nowadays are bearing the brunt of having to train their workforce in basic literacy skills.

To that end, Lifelong Literacy has developed a range of training sessions for managers.



A full or half-day workshop with Linguist learning is a tailor-made event, focusing directly on your particular needs. With all corporate training sessions, however, there are uniform benefits:

  • Humans are innately engaged by the structure of language, of which linguistics is the scientific study. We use this advantage to present interesting workshops that get the best out of staff.
  • Attendees realise the importance of their linguistic output and develop a sense of pride in their written work.
  • Difficulty with spelling and writing is no measure of intelligence. Highly competent, intelligent staff still may struggle with literacy but have become expert at hiding it. We, in turn, are expert at removing the stigma by discreetly diagnosing barriers to literacy. Our networks are extensive and we can offer referrals to the best remediation Australia-wide.
  • We are familiar with national and international style guides so we can help organisations develop a house-style that is simple to follow and agreeable to all.

COSTS (GST not applicable)

Full-day workshop (approx. 9-3:30pm)   $1750

Half-day workshop (approx. 9-12/12-3) $875

Return travel from Melbourne will be quoted additionally.

Catering and A/V equipment is the responsibility of the organisation.

Contact us for a tailor-made quotation.

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