4 Step Process Kit: Numbers (PD399)

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How wonderful are numbers? Isn’t it amazing that we could invent counting systems so efficient that they haven’t changed in thousands of years? The spelling of numbers in English is a real trip into the history of the language and a peek into the similarities between languages. That’s why we’ve placed a table at the end of these notes containing number words in French, Dutch, German, Polish and Arabic, to show how united they are. There is nothing to stop you from adding your own column in a language you’re studying, to see the similarities or indeed the differences.

The 4-Step Process is a method of teaching permanent word storage and increasing knowledge of the writing system. At Lifelong Literacy, this comes down to four consistent steps. This is the 4-Step Process.

Words are abstract concepts that have several forms. They are not shapes to be coloured in, or collections of sticks and curves to be written over and over again. If you are advising a child to write a word repeatedly in an attempt to get them to remember it, then perhaps today is the day you start to replace that technique with something much better.

It starts by taking four steps, all of which are explained in this kit.

Your kit contains:

  • printable templates to help with your lesson planning
  • student worksheet templates
  • etymological and orthographic notes on the numbers
  • a pre-planned set of sheets showing the 4-Step Process for the words spelling the numbers 1-12, as well as hundred, thousand and million and words in their families.


According to our spelling scope and sequence (see the Spelling for Life Online Course), number words should be taught in the second and third years of formal schooling.


Select the words that students find tricky and work on them.



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We know that orthographic mapping, the process of storing words in long-term memory happens best if words are driven via the phonological route. Now what? How do we make that happen for the tens of thousands of words out there?

By taking four steps:

  1. Define
  2. Inspect
  3. Group
  4. Practice

In this self-paced online course, Lyn will take you through the four steps she uses in her practice to study words. She will use a variety of words, from simple to complex to demonstrate how the 4 Step Process can be used with students of all ages and abilities.

Course outcomes:

  • The ability to study any English word in a useful, memorable way
  • A deeper understanding of the process of orthographic mapping
  • Greater skill in reaching students with dyslexia and other language-based disorders

Course format:

  • Once registration is complete, we will send you an invitation from Open Learning.
  • Once you have registered with Open Learning, you will be able to access the course.
  • Once you have started the course, you will have six weeks to access the course modules.
  • The modules will take the form of re-playable videos, downloadable pdf files, quizzes and forums for queries and sharing.
  • You will receive a certificate for 2 hours of professional development.
Register for 4 Step Process Online Course here.


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