A Knowledge-Rich Curriculum 2 (PD349)


A Knowledge-Rich Curriculum 2 (PD349)

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“It’s not so much that particular bits of information are vital in and of themselves – although some certainly are. It’s more that people need to have enough facts in their heads to have what one commentator has called a ‘knowledge party’ – a bunch of accumulated associations that will enable them to absorb, retain, and analyse new information. Education certainly shouldn’t end with facts. But if it doesn’t begin there, many students will never acquire the knowledge and analytical abilities they need to thrive both in school and in life.”

Natalie Wexler, The Knowledge Gap (2020)

In this session, Lyn will talk about the importance of teaching knowledge as well as skills, both in a school and clinical setting. She will demonstrate what she and her staff do at Lifelong Literacy to help students build knowledge as well as catch up in reading and writing.