Missed Lesson Fee


Missed Lesson Fee

AUD $55.00

We know it’s a busy life and sometimes you have to cancel tutoring at very short notice, or you forget completely. We understand, we’ve all been there. However, we ask you to please consider our tutors. To be at your lesson, they often make childcare arrangements, they make appointments, meetings and plans around this time. They make a lesson plan. They travel, they prepare, they put all the behind-the-scenes work into this time. Seeing your lovely kid is the icing on the cake, but the cake was baked and they need to be paid for their time.

In many cases, they booked a room at our premises that someone else could have used. Management at Lifelong Literacy is not interested in profiting from this, but we think it’s good and fair treatment of our hard-working staff, to pay for their time, even if the lesson they prepared and turned up for never took place.

That’s why we charge this fee.

Many thanks and take care!

Lyn and the Lifelong Literacy team