Phonological Awareness Online (PD377)

AUD $45.00

Learn about phonological awareness in this self-paced mini-course.


Do online courses in your own time over a three month period. Live help and support available during the course. Collaborative forums to foster discussion and support.

Broadly speaking, phonological awareness (PA), is a sensitivity to the sounds and sound patterns of language. PA can be measured and can help form accurate predictions about reading ability.

PA is the ability to perceive and manipulate the following word parts:

  • syllables
  • onsets
  • rimes
  • phonemes

In this self-paced mini-course, Lyn will define and demonstrate the above word parts, linking them to David Kilpatrick’s recent work on PA and to the underlying research that has gone into our understanding of the link between PA and literacy success. There will be some practical demonstrations of PA lessons using concrete manipulatives.

Course access is for six weeks from first login.

Participants will receive:

  • A course handout including theoretical and practical materials
  • Access to a video presentation on the subject of phonological awareness
  • Access to forums and/or quizzes for collaboration and consolidation
  • Access to a range of low or no-cost resources to support understanding and implementation of high quality phonological awareness activities in a classroom and clinical setting


Course access is for six weeks from first login. First login is not the day you bought the course, first log in is when you went to Open Learning (our learning management system) and clicked on the link that took you to the actual course. That’s when your time starts to count down. Six weeks from that moment, your access will cease. Theoretically, you could buy the course and keep it on the back-burner for years without losing your access. But the moment you become an active user on Open Learning, is the moment your clock starts ticking. We are charged per user, so we have to time-limit your access. If you find that you need to extend your access, you can purchase extensions, month by month, for AUD$20 using this link.


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