Saturday Spelling Symposium 2: Final Silent E (PD401)


Saturday Spelling Symposium 2: Final Silent E (PD401)

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Saturday April 10th 2021

10am – 11:30am MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA TIME (check here for your timezone)


In this webinar, we will learn to teach students how to use the letter <e> at the end of words.

When <e> comes at the end of a word in English, it is not heard. It is silent. We used to pronounce <e> at the ends of words in some cases. In other cases it was simply used as a marker, either to cancel plurals or to change pronunciation of preceding graphemes. This lesson is about these signals. They are called the Jobs of Final Silent E.

There are many names for the letter E at the end of words. Some call it ‘Bossy E’, others call it ‘Magic E’ and so on. Our complete name for it is Final Silent E.

Resources: lesson plan, printable worksheet and example lesson

Symposium format:

  • 90 minutes live with Lyn Stone via Zoom.
  • Live Q&A session addressing questions arising prior to and during the presentation
  • Digital handouts delivered prior to symposium
  • Time-limited recording made available to all who register. Recordings will be available for two weeks after the event takes place.
  • Announcement of the subject of the next symposium with exclusive discounted ticketing option for attendees

Spelling for Life courseThe Saturday Spelling Symposia are extracts from the Spelling for Life book and the Spelling for Life Online course.

Spelling for Life: Uncovering the simplicity and science of spelling



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