Spelling for Life Online Course (PD339)

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Spelling for Life Online Course (PD339)

AUD $245.00

Uncover the simplicity and science of spelling

Spelling for Life is a highly acclaimed, internationally recognised teaching and learning program, suitable for teachers of middle primary children. Those in special education, speech pathology, homeschooling and educational psychology are also keen participants.

Participants will:

  • receive a re-useable book of worksheets for direct classroom application
  • receive a downloadable manual
  • be able to participate in live forums with colleagues
  • receive a suggested spelling and handwriting scope and sequence from F-6
  • receive a certificate of completion for 8 hours of PD

Course format:

5 modules containing several pages of reading, forums, videos, quizzes and downloadable resources.

Course content:

Section 1: Tools for Spelling

Broken Rules and Word Stories: Why irregular words only seem irregular

Orthographic mapping

The Spelling Formula

Section 2: The Single Letters

Spelling rules and conventions: Why we have such things in the first place

The Difference Between Vowels and Consonants

The Single Vowels

Illegal Letters

The Letter Y in all its glory

Section 3: Letter Combinations

Consonant Clusters: The truth about blends and blending

Word-Final E

R: Controller of vowels

Vowel Digraphs

Section 4: Syllables and Doubling

Syllabification: How to teach syllables with phonology and etymology in mind

Everything you ever wanted to know about schwa but were afraid to ask

To Double or Not to Double?

Section 5: Suffixes

Suffixes and their behaviour

The Return of Illegal I

The Suffix Generator

Plus many more delightful and fascinating spelling patterns


Course access is for three months. If you find that you need to extend your access, you can purchase extensions, month by month, for AUD$20 using this link.