Tutoring for Life Online Course (PD375)


Tutoring for Life Online Course (PD375)

AUD $90.00

Get ready to stand out from the crowd!

Lifelong Literacy has grown from a one-person, part-time tutoring business to a full time, 11-person tutoring team in just a few short years.

Q. What has caused this success?

A. High quality systems and a low-variance approach.

We live in times where demand for tutoring is at an all-time high. We have a responsibility to make the delivery of extra support for struggling children the highest quality it can be. If you are considering taking up tutoring, this certificate will make you stand out from the crowd.

Lyn would like to share her tips for successful tutoring sessions both online and face to face. All activities are aligned with the Science of Reading and the Science of Learning.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Memory and processing – what you can and can’t change, including working memory, processing speed and phonological awareness
  • How to build a tailor-made bridge to the curriculum for your student using spelling, general and writing knowledge
  • Practice and progress: how to coach carers and how to assess and track progress
  • Behaviour management and how it saves you time and energy
  • Free/low cost, high quality resources

Webinar outcomes:

  • A way to stand out when applying for tutoring positions
  • Improved confidence in your skill as a tutor
  • Faster progress for your students
  • Access to resources that work

You will receive:

  • An Education Strategy Summary template to help plan out short and long term goals
  • A spelling, general and writing knowledge manual with tips and worksheets to target these crucial areas
  • Suggested scripts and form letters for teachers and carers to help set out behaviour and practice boundaries right from the start
  • Access to forums where you can share and collaborate with other tutors
  • A certificate of completion for 4 hours of professional learning

Course format:

  • Fully online and self-paced course modules through Open Learning containing videos, quizzes, forums and pdf files
  • The Lifelong Literacy team will be moderating this course, so your questions will be answered by real people in real time
  • Digital support downloads to keep and refer to forever are included in the course
  • From first log in, you will have six weeks to complete the course


Course access is for six weeks. If you find that you need to extend your access, you can purchase extensions, month by month, for AUD$20 using this link.