Vocabulary 2 (PD371)

AUD $30.00

21 November 2020, 11am Melbourne Time

Registrations closed. Please contact us if you’d like to pre-register for the next course.

Twice a week, Lyn Stone holds a live, 60 minute Weekly Words Webinar on a particular topic via Zoom.

The cost includes a presentation, handouts and a Q&A session.

The first meeting will be at 5:30pm on Thursdays, with a repeat session at 11am on Saturdays (Melbourne Australia time).

Both will be live. Due to time constraints, recordings will not be available afterwards. If you miss a session, we will refund you or place you in a repeat of that session, should we decide to repeat.

Topics will vary, and Lyn will also take subject requests.

In this session, Lyn defines and explores vocabulary and vocabulary teaching. One of the critical components of reading comprehension is vocabulary knowledge. Without this, comprehension cannot take place. Lyn will talk about the links between oral language and vocabulary, the three vocabulary tiers, and will offer practical suggestions on how to select and teach vocabulary words explicitly and memorably.

This is the second of two identical sessions on this topic.


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