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Trick or Treat? What ‘Tricky’ Words Show us About the Whole System - A Webinar with Lyn Stone - Wed 29 May 2024 7:00 PM - 8:45 PM IST

Dyslexia Ireland is delighted to be hosting this webinar with  Lyn Stone on May 29th, 2024 at 7pm. 

The webinar exploring evidence-based spelling strategies is titled “Trick or Treat? What ‘Tricky’ Words Show us About the Whole System”. 

In Lyn’s words “Getting a room full of diverse learners to apply the alphabetic code to words and start reading and writing is daunting enough without also having to deal with scary ‘irregular’ words! Do I ‘heart’ them? Do I ‘map’ them in Elkonin boxes? Do I just set them for memorisation homework as whole words and wish the parents luck? Do I just avoid them for as long as possible and hope they somehow magically crop up in the minds of my students? Well, those are ‘trick’ approaches. How about seeing them as a treat? Every irregular word tells a story. Don’t believe me? Let’s take ten fine examples (harvested over years of asking teachers, ‘What word is hard to spell/teach/remember?’) and tell their stories, whilst revealing the whole story. Leave this session with a bag of tricks to help you make every word-study session a treat.

This webinar is designed for teachers and those supporting students with spelling and word study. Parents and others may also be interested and are welcome to attend. 

This webinar will be a 90 minute presentation by Lyn Stone followed by some Q&A time. 

Cost: 5 Euro per person