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Language Arts St Robert’s Newtown


We hope you will have a wonderful time and learn a lot about continuing to teach high quality literacy lessons after phonemic awareness and phonics are all taken care of.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • a greater understanding of how we learn
  • a clear picture of the Simple View of Reading
  • a clear picture of the Simple View of Writing
  • a working understanding of structured literacy
  • tools to teach morphology
  • tools to teach parts of speech
  • tools to teach fluent, high quality writing


We have a dedicated Facebook page called Language Arts Community of Practice for all attendees. Join us here: 


Throughout the course, International Phonetic Alphabet symbols have been used between slanted brackets to indicate phonemes.



/p/ (pig) /b/ (big)

/t/ (ten) /d/ (den)

/k/ (kill) /g/ (gill)

/f/ (fan) /v/ (van)

/θ/ (thin) /ð/ (that)

/s/ (sip) /z/ (zip)

/ʃ/ (ship) /ʒ/ (vision)

/t͡ʃ/ (chill) /d͡ʒ/ (Jill)

/m/ (map)

/n/ (nap)

/ŋ/ (sing)

/l/ (light)

/r/ (right)

/w/ (wit)

/h/ (hit)

/ʍ/ (whip)

/j/ (yes)

/ɒ/ (got)

/ɔ:/ (law)

/ɜ:/ (her)

/ʊ:/ (boot)

/ʊ/ (put)

/e/ (get)

/ɪ/ (sit)

/i:/ (tree)

/æ/ (bat)

/ʌ/ (gum)

/a:/ (bar)

/ei/ (day)

/ju:/ (due)

/aɪ/ (die)

/əʊ/ (goat)

/ɔɪ/ (boy)

/aʊ/ (cow)

Letter names are indicated by symbols placed in side single guillemets: <a> to <z>.


Lyn has written three books on the subject of literacy and language, supported by online courses too. The links below will take you to each book.

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