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Language for Life Segments: Verbs


The most significant completion criterion is your own perception that you’ve got the most out of it. We do ask, though, that you participate in some of the forums along the way. Of course, as course admins, we can see whether or not you’ve opened the pdfs and watched the videos too, so we wouldn’t be that enthusiastic about certifying anyone who hasn’t glanced at the material. We just hope that you do much more than glancing.

We’ve tried to give you as much information as possible, including videos, pdfs, worksheets, quizzes and best of all, forums in which you can collaborate with your colleagues and us to get the very best out of the material.

4 thoughts on “Language for Life Segments: Verbs”

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    Michele Falconer

    I’ve just logged on for another course and notice that I was enrolled and haven’t completed this one: Language for Life Segments: Verbs. Can you please tell me how I access the content as I love learning and find Lyn (& colleagues) excellent presenters.
    Thanks for your help

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      Hi Michelle,
      Verbs has been a bit glitchy. This weekend has been laid aside to deal with it once and for all. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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