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Morphology Masterclass Sample Course

Give the gift of morphological awareness with this unique masterclass!

Research has shown that when children understand the morphemes that make up words, they become better readers and spellers. They also develop a greater appreciation for language and its complexities.

Lyn Stone’s Morphology Masterclass is an on-demand, comprehensive three-part course that delves into the fascinating world of morphology and etymology. In this course, you will learn how to identify, analyse and teach the morphemes that make up words.


Part one: Where do we Begin?

A thorough introduction to the basics of morphology and etymology. You will learn the key terminology and concepts behind this subject, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how words are (and aren’t) formed.

Part two: The Big List

In this section we will focus on the prefixes, bases and suffixes that we get from Latin and Greek. This will include connecting vowels and assimilated (chameleon) morphemes. You will learn how to recognise and use these morphemes to expand your students’ vocabulary and deepen their understanding of English. 

Part three: What does this Look Like in the Classroom?

Let’s focus on applying morphology in the classroom. This section is tailored to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced learners. You will learn practical strategies and techniques for teaching morphology to children, which will help them become better readers and spellers. You will also discover how to integrate morphology into your existing curriculum, making it an exciting and engaging part of the learning process.


Aside from the:

  • 12 videos
  • 57-piece F-6 alterable slide deck
  • 17-page lesson plan document and template
  • 6 year scope and sequence
  • 417 base word list
  • 8 inflectional suffix list 
  • 27 additional prefix and suffix list
  • 39 page manual,

there are also 9 forums, moderated by Lyn Stone in real time where participants ask and answer deep, insightful questions about morphology. This is a safe space to gather your thoughts, talk to one another, test a hypothesis and get in and have a go at this fascinating subject. The forums alone are some of the best PD on morphology we’ve ever seen!

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