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Morphology Masterclass

Give the gift of morphological awareness with this unique masterclass!

Research has shown that when children understand the morphemes that make up words, they become better readers and spellers. They also develop a greater appreciation for language and its complexities.

Lyn Stone’s Morphology Masterclass is an on-demand, comprehensive three-part course that delves into the fascinating world of morphology and etymology. In this course, you will learn how to identify, analyse and teach the morphemes that make up words.


Part one: Where do we Begin?

A thorough introduction to the basics of morphology and etymology. You will learn the key terminology and concepts behind this subject, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how words are (and aren’t) formed.

Part two: The Big List

In this section we will focus on the prefixes, bases and suffixes that we get from Latin and Greek. This will include connecting vowels and assimilated (chameleon) morphemes. You will learn how to recognise and use these morphemes to expand your students’ vocabulary and deepen their understanding of English. 

Part three: What does this Look Like in the Classroom?

Let’s focus on applying morphology in the classroom. This section is tailored to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced learners. You will learn practical strategies and techniques for teaching morphology to children, which will help them become better readers and spellers. You will also discover how to integrate morphology into your existing curriculum, making it an exciting and engaging part of the learning process.


Aside from the:

  • 12 videos
  • 57-piece F-6 alterable slide deck
  • 17-page lesson plan document and template
  • 6 year scope and sequence
  • 417 base word list
  • 8 inflectional suffix list 
  • 27 additional prefix and suffix list
  • 39 page manual,

there are also 9 forums, moderated by Lyn Stone in real time where participants ask and answer deep, insightful questions about morphology. This is a safe space to gather your thoughts, talk to one another, test a hypothesis and get in and have a go at this fascinating subject. The forums alone are some of the best PD on morphology we’ve ever seen!

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221 thoughts on “Morphology Masterclass”

  1. Avatar

    I can’t wait to start this course. Ever since I started using morphology nd etymology in my tutoring sessions I have seen great improvements in my students reading fluency, comprehension, an spelling . Lyn makes learning about all things literacy related so enjoyable.

  2. Avatar

    Hi There,
    I am Stacey, a speech pathologist from Perth working as a consultant within the Department of Education. I am very much looking forward to this course. Morphology has become a hot topic in a lot of my schools!!

  3. Avatar

    I’m a primary teacher in NSW. Our school is in the process of upskilling teachers and updating our spelling scope and sequence. I have been looking forward to this course since I enrolled.

  4. Priyanka Coxall
    Priyanka Coxall

    Hi there,
    I’m a Head of Curriculum in Qld. Supporting upper primary teachers implement a SOR aligned literacy routine. Very excited to build my morphology knowledge!

  5. Avatar
    Supranee McLachlan

    Hi There,
    I’m a primary teacher in New Zealand and currently teaching years 3 & 4. I am very excited to learn more about morphology and how to teach it.

  6. Avatar

    Hey there! I’m a Grade 5/6 teacher in regional Victoria, and I’m hoping to build my morphology knowledge, so that I can share it with my team and incorporate into our Literacy routines.

  7. Avatar

    Hello Everyone,
    I am so happy to be here and I am really looking forward to having Lyn take us through the components of the course step by step and having a framework to work from. I feel I am lacking that at present. I am an MSL educator working with students on a one to one basis. Cheers.

  8. Bern Pelka

    Hi all! You are so lucky, assuming that you are not in you later years of teaching. I wish I knew what I knew now and knew what I needed to know. I am semi retired, doing CRT teaching in Bendigo where quit a few schools are on to the SOR thank God, and thank God that my granddaughter is in Year at one of these schools. Morphology and etymology are the areas that I know ;least about, despite what I do know! Looking forward to my continued learning journey and sharing with others.

  9. Avatar

    Hello, I am a 3rd grade teacher specializing in structured literacy at the South Bronx Literacy Academy in NYC. I also tutor children in reading and spelling. I hope to add this knowledge to my teaching in both roles.

  10. Lisa SPORN

    Hi there,
    I’m a Year 2 teacher is South Australia. I’m looking forward to this course – I did the Masterclass series last year and loved them. I always look forward to learning something new.

  11. Avatar

    I am Serena and I am currently working in a pilot literacy intervention program in a high school. Before starting this at the beginning of this year, I ran daily MSL sessions in a primary school for four years. I am also a registered AMADA and tutor privately. I have done a few morphology courses in the past but I am only just having the opportunity to use this knowledge now. I am wanting to deepen and consolidate my understanding of morphology and improve the way I deliver it. I am keen to get started on this course.

  12. Avatar

    Greetings from the Hudson Vally New York. I am a Discovery Room curator ( AKA SPED /GT teacher) in a medium sized Waldorf School. I am looking forward to fresh perspectives on bring a linguistic perspective to literacy instruction.

  13. Avatar
    Raelene Maree Harding

    Hello everyone, I am a Year 3 teacher in NSW. I have been using SoR for a while now and always look forward to engaging in Lyn’s courses. Can’t wait to get started!

  14. Jennifer Goodwin
    Jennifer Goodwin

    Hello from Virginia! I’m excited to start the class this morning. Looking forward to learning more about morphology to support our readers. I’m a Reading Specialist K-5. I’ll be starting year 2 in September. I’ve been a building administrator for 18 years K-8, and made the change last year to have more time with my family and to fulfill my dream of being a reading teacher. I’ve taught grades 1,2 and 5. This will be my 27th year in education. It’s also my oldest son’s 14th birthday today! Going to get some learning in before the celebration.

  15. Avatar

    Hey there
    I’m currently a full-time member of the RTI PLT (literacy) in a beautiful primary school on the mid-north coast. I look forward to learning with you all.

  16. Kimball Tenser

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a Title I Lead Instructional Coach for a school district just outside Richmond, Virginia. I am excited to explore morphology as a way to support our schools in helping students build their word knowledge. This is a particular area of weakness for all of our Title I schools and we need some new ideas for supporting growth.

    1. Sara Peden

      Oh! Missed the instructions (bad student!). I was supposed to introduce myself. I’m a psychologist (recovering from a career in school systems) now in private practice. I provide direct intervention for students with literacy difficulties (many with dyslexia). Thanks for having me!

  17. Sara Peden

    Hi Lyn,
    LOVED* Video #1. I was struck by the idea of Consonant+le being a ‘noun forming sequence’. I understand that it isn’t an affix, but hadn’t ever though of spelling sequences pointing at other grammatical information (e.g. part of speech) the way you so clearly pointed out with that example. Are there other spelling sequences outside of bases/affixes that serve that sort of function (e.g., create an indicator of part of speech, like ‘noun forming sequence’ )? Is there more coming in this course?

    1. Avatar

      Well…glad you asked. There’s this really interesting book (yes I know, you might not resist buying this one either haha!) called “Sl- is for Sleaze but sn- is for Sneeze! The meaning behind English consonant clusters” by Colin Williams. It is basically a book of lists of words with common clusters and meanings. A lot of it is onomatopoeia, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
      As for ‘more coming in the course’, well, next lesson is called ‘The Big List’where I’ll be categorising word-forming elements and false graphemes and false morphemes. If you’re still curious after that, then investigation and hypothesis-forming, as this course is designed to teach you to do, is your best bet.

  18. Avatar

    Hi everyone. I am an APCI in a NSW school. I can’t wait to learn from Lyn. After watching “Spelling Choice Hell” I instantly enrolled to do this course and build on the knowledge presented. At my school we are looking at our spelling, morphology and syntax scope and sequences and I hope this learning will support the development of these. I love PL by Lyn – always entertaining, relevant and practical.

  19. Avatar
    Jeannine Leitch


    I’m a stay at home parent with three kids. Looking to learn more about how to support my children in their literacy, public school in Washington state.

    1. Avatar

      Great to have you here Jeannine! I’ll be in Vancouver in October, which is about as close to Washington State as I’m going to get just now! Enjoy the course!

  20. Avatar

    Hi 👋
    I’m Sharon and I am a literacy specialist working privately one-on-one with students with various learning difficulties. I am primary trained but have learnt about literacy acquisition and learning through post grad study and quality on-line courses like those offered by Lifelong Literacy. I am looking forward to this course to help further explain and clarify the english language for my students.

  21. Avatar
    Josephine Paraskevas

    Hi there,

    I’m a reading tutor working with small groups of Year 7 and 8 students in the western region of Melbourne. Looking forward to learning more about morphology and how I can further incorporate the teachings into my sessions.

  22. Helen Brunner

    Kia ora! Helen here. Literacy tutor in Invercargill NZ. Still fairly new to tutoring – feel like i have a good base of knowledge for the beginning stages so this is a perfect next step for my learning! Excited to dive in!

  23. Avatar

    I am Marye, an elementary/interventionist teacher in Colorado, looking to enhance and solidify my morphological knowledge so that my students receive the most precise and accurate lessons from me as I guide them into becoming lifelong learners.

  24. Nicola Taylor

    Hi, I’m Nicola. I teach a year 7&8 class in Foxton, New Zealand. Our juniors have been on the structured literacy journey for a few years and we are playing catch-up in the seniors. I heard Lyn speak in Christchurch, which was my first deep dive into all that we can be doing for our older students, and have been immersing myself ever since so that I can take more knowledge into my lessons in the classroom.

  25. Avatar
    Francesca Nazzari

    I am a primary teacher at Hospital School South Australia. We are currently re-evaluating what our literacy lessons look like for our ward teaching program, online sessions and in the classroom. I am hoping to share with my team how we can incorporate morphology in to our literacy program.

  26. Avatar
    Patricia Standfield

    I am currently the Year 3 – 6 reading intervention teacher. I am using the MacqLit program to work with small groups that have been flagged at each year level. My personal goal is to increase my knowledge of the science of reading and how best to help my students.

  27. Avatar
    Julie Finlayson

    Hello, my name is Julie Finlayson. I am HOD for Learning Enhancement at a High School where our SLP has had great success with teaching morphology to our literacy support group, so we are extending our skills to build on our current program.

  28. Sara Peden

    I’m so proud of myself! I finished Part 1 before Part 2 is released. That means I didn’t procrastinate, which is a testament to how I enjoyed this. Thanks, Lyn!

  29. Avatar
    Kelly Ann G Heaney

    I just finished my job as a Primary Literacy coach and am now moving into a VP role with a resource component. I want to be knowledgeable about morphology to help all students learn to read.

  30. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, I teach a composite 3 / 4 in Brisbane and am a huge fan. I have your books and watch the Jim Jam Gang. For the last two years, I have missed out seeing you live due to my two sons 21st, so this is the closest I can get to you. Morphology is so very interesting, and it’s my next step in my learning journey about the English language. The more that I can explain to my students why words are spelled a certain way, will certainly help them retain the spelling and understanding orthography. The code will make sense to them.

    1. Avatar

      Haha yes I remember the unfortunate timing! I’ll be in Brisbane doing Reading for Life and Spelling for Life at the Hotel Grand Chancellor with QASSP on August 21&22. If you go to the QASSP website and click on events, you’ll see it!
      In the meantime, lovely to see you here!

  31. Avatar
    Annette Fuller

    Hey Lyn
    I have just finished Part 1 of Morphology Masterclass and wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I cannot wait for Part 2!!!!
    You have mentioned something about discussions/forum but I’m a bit lost on this one. Should/Can I be commenting and asking questions somewhere, please? Or, am I here already??

    1. Avatar

      You are here, Annette, but I can add more forum-type parts if you think that would be better. Maybe some stimulus questions? In the next set of lessons, there is a space to upload word sums and matrices. Would it be helpful if there was space here for images too?

  32. Avatar
    Melanie Smithwick

    Hi Lyn,
    This course couldn’t have come at a better time. We are evaluating and revising our spelling instruction K-6 and have noted as a staff that our content knowledge in this area isn’t as strong as it should be. I’m hoping to build my own knowledge and understanding to support our staff to build their capacity. I can’t wait to get into it!

  33. Avatar

    Hello all
    I am a recovering academic, now working an as independent consultant and coach, mostly in remote schools. I know the reading research very well, but less of the intricacies of our spelling system. I found the initial module very helpful in building my understanding of English orthography. Thank you, Lyn!

    1. Avatar

      So lovely to see you here, Deslea! For anyone reading this, Deslea wrote the foreword to Reading for Life. She is the (recovering, lol!) academic who coined the term ‘The Big Six’. So hats off to Deslea!

  34. Avatar
    Melissa Toohey

    Hello, I am an Early Childhood teacher but I am currently homeschooling. I am very excited about taking this course. I wish the courses I had taken had focused on morphology. I did take Latin in high school which assisted with understanding some medical terminology but when I listened to this course I was surprised to learn the meaning of words. For instance, tele = distance! I do find it difficult to discern between bases of words and I’m hoping I’m not alone. I guess it takes practice and exposure. I am hoping I can build my confidence in this area. I’ve focused a lot on syllabication and I think this may be confusing me as I try to break the words into prefixes, bases, and suffixes; but I will continue to practice. I really enjoyed learning about how to create word matrixes and about I find language fascinating, because it is something you can make sense of, once you understand the rules.

    1. Avatar

      Lovely to have you here, Melissa. Yes there’s much to learn, and differences of opinion on how to learn and apply it. As long as we remember that every word is or has a base, and that the set of prefixes and suffixes is much smaller than the set of bases, so learning to recognise them goes a long way to identifying bases, then we’ll make progress!

  35. Avatar
    Celeste Musgrave

    Celeste here. I work with children and young people in out of home care (OOHC) who are quite behind in their learning. I’m competent with phonics and SOR, but am keen to gain more awareness of morphology and etymology. This will add to my work with helping the OOHC students improve their literacy skills.

  36. Avatar
    Melissa Graham

    Hi, I teach Year 5 in a rural NSW school. Since completing the Spelling for Life course, reading the book and keeping the book as my go to, I’ve restructured my spelling program. I’ve introduced my program to other Year 5 and Year 6 teachers as well. It is now time to delve deeper into morphology and improve my teaching.

  37. Avatar
    Kate marroquin

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Kate and I’m a speech pathologist. I’m looking forward to this class and putting the things I learn into practice with the kids with Specific Learning Disorders on my caseload. The last course I did with Lyn was several years ago but I’m still using things I learned from it on a regular basis.

  38. Avatar
    Rachael Schendel

    Hi there,
    My name is Rachael and I teach Grade 3/4 in Melbourne. I am also the learning and teaching leader for my level. We are about 3 years into our SOR/SOL journey and morphology has always been something I have enjoyed but definitely shows me all the things I still don’t know so I thought this course would be great to help me fill the gaps!
    I am a bit late to the party between sick kids and working through my to-do list but Im here now!

  39. Avatar
    Stephanie Gillogly

    Hi, I’m Stephanie Gillogly. I became a teacher after a career in the military and have been teaching for 5 yrs in Alaska, now in Kansas. I hope to be teaching 4th grade this coming year, but will not find out my grade placement until 1 August. I have a lot of self-study work for foundational skills for primary students but felt that I was not well equipped to deal with the language and background knowledge gaps for intermediate grades. I have read Lyn’s Reading for Life and have her other books in my to-be-read pile. I am excited about this course because I want to improve my ability to build vocabulary in my students.

  40. Lorie Simmonds
    Lorie Simmonds

    Hi My name is Lorie from Boston, MA I am a Reading Specialist for grades 6-12 and want to learn more about morphology . I look forward to learning something new.

  41. Katherine Spengler
    Katherine Spengler

    Hello! Getting a bit of a late start here as I’ve just returned from a brief vacation. I’m Katherine, a clinical reading therapist and education consultant in California. I’m a former balanced literacy practitioner who threw myself into a doctoral program when our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at age 8. I now help teachers shift from balanced literacy to structured literacy. I’ve long admired Lyn’s work (and sense of humor) and am thrilled to be learning about morphology.

    1. Avatar

      Terrific to see you here, Katherine! Glad you like my humour (it’s an acquired taste!) and also really grateful for the work you do in getting teachers to shift that way. It’s not an easy job!

  42. Avatar

    Hi everyone. I work in a private practice setting in Sydney, providing individualized MSL literacy intervention for students with a range of challenges. Really looking forward to this course and putting it into practise with my students.

  43. Avatar
    Rebecca Loveless

    Hello, I’m a Structured Word Inquiry coach in California, and linguistics is a passion of mine. I work part time supporting teachers with SWI at a private elementary school, and I also teach literacy teachers and professionals about the interrelation of morphology, phonology, and etymology. I’m very excited to see how you’re presenting this content, especially for those who prefer to use a more direct instruction model. Thank you for your work!

  44. Avatar

    Hi all,
    I’m Allyson, and I run a private business that offers literacy and numeracy intervention. I’m hoping to deepen my understanding of morphology, as I’ve been dipping my toes into teaching it recently…and loving it!

  45. Amber Marcus

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m Amber. A little late to get started, but hoping to catch up over the weekend. I am currently the Year 1/2 Unit leader and the Numeracy leader at my school. Over the past few years my passion for literacy has grown, and moving into the Junior unit from Year 5/6 has really driven that further. I look forward to lots of great learning.

  46. Avatar

    Hi All,
    I’m late to get started, but keen to catch up over the school holidays. I’m a primary teacher, currently teaching year 3/4.

  47. Avatar

    Hi! I can’t wait to start this course! I’m a private reading tutor and need help with morphology. Everything I’ve read tells me it’s just what I need to delve into word study with my students.

  48. Avatar
    Sarah Morrissey

    Hi everyone,
    I’m a primary school trained teacher working in the Intervention team at a secondary college in the northwest region of Melbourne. Since I began my SOR journey, I have an insatiable thirst for building on my knowledge and skills so that I can provide the best possible support to my team and our students. I am excited to learn more about morphology and etymology so that it can be confidently incorporated into our literacy support programs, and hopefully the classrooms as well. Loved the ‘Spelling Choice Hell’ presentation, Lyn!


    1. Marley Collins
      Marley Collins

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m also working in a secondary school in Victoria. If you’re keen to chat and share ideas please let me know and I’ll give you my email address.

      Marley 🙂

  49. Marley Collins
    Marley Collins

    Hi everyone,

    I’m also a little late getting started!

    I am a secondary English teacher and literacy leader at a small secondary school on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC. I’m very excited about this course and am coming at it from a few angles:
    -incorporating morphology in the secondary English classroom
    -morphology in literacy intervention for secondary students
    -opportunities for content area teachers in secondary schools to incorporate morphology

    I hopped down the science of reading rabbit hole about two years and am keen to keep improving my knowledge and teaching practice.

    1. Avatar

      So good to see you here, Marley! What Marley didn’t mention is that she is also overseeing a brilliant project at her secondary school designed to deliver top quality literacy intervention to Year 7 students, and not only that, but my very own, very wonderful nephew is one of the students under her care and guidance. He is loving his literacy sessions and feels that he is making good progress.
      My nephew is dyslexic, and though he’s had a great start in literacy with tutoring at my practice from me and some of my other staff, he still has difficulty with rapid reading and spelling and will need support all through high school. I have no doubt that Marley and her team will be a big part of his success.

  50. Avatar

    I am looking forward to building my knowledge of morphology and etymology and the English language. Now school holidays have arrived, I can give the course my full attention!

  51. Avatar

    I’m a Speech Pathologist from Sydney working mostly in the areas of literacy and language based learning difficulties. I always find Lyn’s courses helpful.

  52. Avatar
    Sonnie McKinnon

    Hi, I am a private tutor in Sydney. I am already quite obsessed with morphology and frequently lose track of time when I find an interesting new word. I love teaching this stuff to my students and I want to keep on learning.

  53. Avatar

    Hi there! I am a bit behind as I’ve recently had surgery. I am looking forward to starting this course and bringing back some inspirational teaching ideas to my classroom.

  54. Avatar

    Hi Lyn; I’ve not yet met you, but I have seen you speak 3 times now; the last time at ECU in Perth for the SOTLA Professional Learning Day in November last year. Really looking forward to starting the course today.

  55. Avatar

    Hi from Hobart,
    I am a Quality Instructional Coach working in the Intervention space in a high school. I am looking forward to strengthening my understanding of Morphology and learning new instructional practices.

  56. Melissa Haw

    Hi! I’m Mel. I’m a teacher who recently quit teaching after burning out in the system. My children have LD’s, and these have led me to Lyn Stone, and evidence-based practice.

    I am now, very excitedly, a tutor with Lifelong Literacy! I am looking forward to getting my morph on, and learning all about this topic from the master herself!


    1. Avatar

      Haha you’re funny, Mel! Lovely to have you with us, both as a tutor and a participant on this course. Looking forward to everything that brings!

  57. Avatar

    Thanks Lyn for putting this morphology course together. I am slowly ‘training’ myself to fully understand the many concepts, intricacies and complexities of morphology. The good part is, I am enjoying the journey!!! 😉

  58. Avatar

    Hi, I’m a bit late getting started due to other commitments but am very excited to now be getting started. I am a Year 3 teacher and Library Teacher as well as being the Literacy Leader for my school. I have worked with my colleagues to align our reading instruction with current research (particularly in the lower years) and we are now looking to improving our spelling instruction. I have done a lot of reading but am looking forward to diving deeper and gaining an understanding of how and where to start.

    1. Avatar

      Welcome, Sonja. I often say that the librarians are the most valuable staff members in a primary school because they have general and specific knowledge of where to get the good stuff with it comes to literature!

  59. Cath McLardy

    Hi everyone
    My name is Cath and I am a big Lyn Stone fan! I was lucky enough to do Spelling For Life in person last year and see Lyn at SBP Bendigo earlier this year. I also have completed Language for Life online. I am working at the Virtual School of Victoria in the Literacy Support department with secondary students who are 2+ years behind. I must admit I find morphology ‘hard’. I am really looking forward to this course- thanks Lyn.

  60. Avatar
    Kathryn Mannion

    Hi Lyn,
    I’m Kath Mannion from Meekatharra School of the Air based in Geraldton, Western Australia. We do distance learning over the internet (and over the radio for the last 63 years). I have done several of your courses along with my colleagues, and am very much looking forward to this one.

  61. Sally Robertson
    Sally Robertson

    Kia Ora. I’m pleased to be joining in from Nelson, New Zealand. I am a Speech Language Therapist in private practice, specialising in literacy.

  62. Avatar
    Melinda de Haan

    I’m a late starter, but I’m very excited by this! I’ve been applying ‘Spelling for Life’ in my tutoring sessions with great success. I’m sure there will be a lot of gold here too 🙂

  63. Avatar
    Paige Karamatic

    Hi all,
    I am a secondary English teacher with a passion for helping all students access learning. We have a large % of our cohorts that cannot access the secondary curriculum due to low literacy abilities. I am also working in the intervention space and have been trying to dabble in morphology in my classroom to support students’ vocabulary knowledge, background knowledge, and spelling. I am really keen to do this course to learn more.

  64. Avatar
    Paige Karamatic

    PS: I have a primary background also and recognise the desperate need to upskill our secondary staff in the SoR and literacy differentiation. Morphology is a great way to begin incorporating small things in the other domain classrooms to help students access learning easier.

  65. Avatar

    I’m a student SLP and parent to a child with CAS and language delay. I have some of your books already and love them. I love talking about all things literacy to my child’s school teacher (who is the literacy coordinator and slowly transitioning the school to SOR).

  66. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, Thank you for the opportunity to do your course. I look forward to the stimulation of new learning and sharing this knowledge with the students I tutor—a perfect day for study here in gloomy Melbourne. Cheers Susan

  67. Barbara Connery
    Barbara Connery

    Hi! My name is Barbara Connery and I am an instructional coach in New Britain, Ct. I just finished reading Spelling for Life and cannot wait to learn more about morphology.

  68. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, I’m currently Deputy Principal with a focus on Pastoral Wellbeing. I’ve read your books and am a huge fan. I’m Sounds-Write trained and led the introduction at my previous school. Morphology and Etymology is an area of teaching I want to further develop and support staff.

    1. Avatar

      Lovely to see you here, Leigh! I do hope the content isn’t too jarring. There’s a lot in it that may cause you to rethink speech-to-print approaches!

  69. K.C. Hansen

    Hi there! I’m a Reading Interventionist teaching kindergarten through 5th grade in Seattle, Washington, US. I’m really excited to start my first class with Lyn!

  70. Avatar
    Elizabeth Reenstra

    Hi Lyn,
    I am a bit late in starting the course but wow! I am really enjoying it. So much so that I’ve done two parts just this evening. Having been trained originally in other programs, some that you may have been alluding to :), and seeing how concepts often became more complex than necessary, I appreciate how morphology can provide for more clarity for students. Plus, it really packs a punch and is engaging/fun to learn about! I look forward to applying my learning from this series into practice with my 1-1 striving readers here in the Netherlands.

  71. Avatar
    Elizabeth O'Donoghue

    Hello Lyn, I’m an ASN (Additional Support Needs Teacher in Scotland. I mostly support pupils with literacy difficulties. I realise my knowledge of morphology is lacking and so, I’m looking forward to your course. Liz

  72. Avatar
    Jeanne Vigilia

    Hello! I am a reading specialist at a title 1 elementary school. I am really wanting to dig in deeper with morphology with my struggling readers and I am so excited to learn.

  73. Deirdre O'Toole
    Deirdre O'Toole

    Hi all!
    I am a primary school teacher and PhD student in Ireland. Over the last few years, I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is what makes up the English language. I never knew what I never knew! I’m excited to get started with this course so I can get a better grasp of morphology, as most of my studies so far have been more focused on phonology.

  74. Avatar
    Michelle Sprigg

    Hi I’m Michelle, I’m a HASS teacher with kids with low literacy in Year 7 & 8 and I also teach a couple of literacy intervention classes. This is my fourth course of Lyn’s haha!! I’ve been learning so much, I keeping finding new courses to complete!!

  75. Avatar

    I am a Year 5 teacher and looking forward to learning more about Morphology, my students love it, and they say it makes spelling so much easier! A great way to learn spelling and incorporate word meanings! Majoring in literacy at university I love to learn how words work.

  76. Avatar

    Hi, My name is Anna and i am a graduate speech pathologist working in a private practice and primary school. I am looking forward to learning and building my skills around morphology!

  77. Avatar

    Hi my name is Helen Wardrop and I am the Head of Curriculum at Sarina State School in Central Queensland. I am hoping to gain a better understanding on what is morphology and how to support my teachers with their understanding of morphology. Using my understanding to ensure we have a scope and sequence for our teachers to teach their students

  78. Barbara Papai

    Hello from Indiana! I live on the south shore of Lake Michigan. I am the K-5 Reading Interventionist at my local public school. I typically work with students in small groups who are 1-2 years behind in grade level skills. I’m hoping to learn more about what to teach and how to teach morphology to my students as a way to help them with: decoding/encoding words, grammar/parts of speech in improve writing and vocabulary/knowledge building.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Alysia,
      I’m Spalding trained too. It’s a great program despite its grapheme flaws! The handwriting component and the way that children complete their own notebooks are second to none. In its earlier days (up to the early 2000s if I remember correctly), Spalding didn’t issue decodable reading material at all. Romalda Spalding acknowledged their very early usefulness in some cases, but took great care to stress the fact that children need literature and she even went as far as to publish a list of grade-appropriate reading material from the children’s classics. When Spalding started getting into the decodable readers market, that information disappeared. Sad!

  79. Avatar

    Hi Everyone,
    I am a Year 3/4 teacher from Perth, Western Australia. I am late in checking in but am enjoying the learning so far. Thanks Lyn for making this course so interesting and simple to understand. My teaching on words and spelling has been mostly sound based. I hope to implement what I have learnt in my classroom, teaching my students about morphology at their level and making it fun for them.

  80. Avatar
    Janice stewart

    Hi! My name is Janice. I teach Year 6 and lead curriculum at my school. I’m excited to build my knowledge in the area of spelling and in particular morphology. I’m looking forward to doing this course!

  81. Avatar
    Elizabeth Gibson

    I’m Liz, SLT in NZ, working 1:1 supporting kids with literacy challenges. Loving the 1:1 and having an excuse to indulge my own interest in words and their histories and connections (studied linguistics ages ago). I want to deepen my understanding, get tips on how to teach morphology effectively and learn from Lyn’s wisdom. Particularly keen to learn about connecting vowels and how to effectively teach around adding suffixes that lead to palatization i.e. -ous, -ion etc

  82. Bernadette Gibbons
    Bernadette Gibbons

    I’m a Foundation teacher from south-west Victoria. I’ve done lots of learning and changing around best practice in teaching early reading and I’m looking forward to adding more knowledge and ideas to my morphology toolkit.

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    Kelly Ann G Heaney

    Hello everyone. My name is Kelly Ann Heaney. I just finished a position as a Primary Literacy Coach with the Bluewater District School Board in Ontario. I am now moving into a VP role with some resource time attached so I am eager to learn all I can about morphology.

    1. Avatar

      Terrific to have you aboard, Kelly Ann! I’ll be in Ontario in the fall (just Toronto). Looks like I’ll be running Spelling for Life as a live workshop and possibly Reading for Life. Watch this space!

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    Natalie Broadhurst

    I am a Year 4 teacher based in a Brisbane state school. We have been digging deep in SoR over the past 3 years.
    My school (with support from LEM) created and implemented a very structured and systematic phonics program. I want to take the next steps into morphology and etymology and be able to explore this with my class and share my knowledge with other teachers in the school.

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    Felicity Harpley

    I am Felicity, a tutor in QLD. Always looking at improving my knowledge. Morphology is an areaI am interested in and looking forward to this course.

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    Raelene Maree Harding

    Thanks Lyn, I thoroughly enjoyed engaging in this course. My brain is always stretching with this information which then helps with my students learning of spelling.

  87. Helen Brunner

    Another fabulous course. Thanks Lyn. Definitely increased my own knowledge and understanding as well as providing a pathway to building the knowledge in my students. So interesting when you start really delving into the structure of words and the links between them. Time to explore your lists more closely and practice some of those word sum activities. Great to have a review of the 4 Step Process too!