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Reading for Life Online


There are ten sections in this course, with an additional “Where to next?” section at the end. Each of the ten sections has the following structure:

  • video explainer (with duration in brackets, so you can pace yourself)
  • pdf containing core principles within the section
  • a quiz to revise and test your knowledge
  • a forum to share ideas, write queries, post feedback and chat to our online community of practice
  • optional resources for further reading (these are continually updated and added to and we happily take suggestions!)


In addition to the live forums on the course, we are also running a Facebook page and are tweeting about the book and course and all things relevant to high quality literacy instruction.

Hashtags: #ReadingForLife (the capitals at the beginning of each word help the vision-impaired) #DontLeaveReadingToChance, #CodeRead


The most significant completion criterion is your own perception that you’ve got the most out of it. We do ask, though, that you participate in some of the forums along the way. Of course, as course admins, we can see whether or not you’ve opened the pdfs and watched the videos too, so we wouldn’t be that enthusiastic about certifying anyone who hasn’t glanced at the material. We just hope that you do much more than glancing.

We’ve tried to give you as much information as possible, including videos, pdfs, worksheets, quizzes and best of all, forums in which you can collaborate with your colleagues and us to get the very best out of the material.


Lyn has written three books on the subject of literacy and language, supported by online courses too. The links below will take you to each book.

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51 thoughts on “Reading for Life Online”

  1. Avatar

    This will transform my teaching!!! High quality teaching instruction is more important now than ever with lockdowns having severely impacted our students for 2 years. A new literacy instructor will be starting at our school and I will definitely be recommending the Lifelong Literacy courses and consultation with Lyn.

  2. Avatar
    Christine Dutton

    Hello. Can’t wait to get into this as I have been looking for ideas/answers since the beginning of 2020. I have participated in and implemented the science of reading slowly since the beginning of 2021 but I have much more to learn.

    1. Avatar

      Sigh. This is our life now, isn’t it? I’m supposed to be headed to Broken Hill in NSW today for six days of consulting and my daughter returned a COVID+ test yesterday. That’s the end of that. I’m just glad we have technology to back us!

    1. Avatar

      Hi Erika,
      Go Ontario! What a wonderful job at the Human Rights Commission!
      Looking forward to working alongside you as you progress through the course.

  3. Avatar
    Suzanne Banfield

    Hi Lyn – school holidays so I have some time again to commit to study. Where did Term 1 go? The more research, reading and practice I have in the different aspects of The Science of Reading, the deeper my understandings grow and the less overwhelmed I feel. I am no where near where I want to be – I want to know it all!! – but at least I am starting to feel more comfortable with seeing the big picture and then layering my knowledge as I go along. I am looking forward to finding more about one of my favourite pastimes – reading.

  4. rogers.kate.j

    I’ve been on leave from teaching for the last few years at home with my seven year old who has Down Syndrome. I’ve been spending some time researching evidenced based literacy practices in order to best support my son as well as to best prepare myself for a return to the classroom. I am very much looking forward to further building on my understandings through this course.

  5. Avatar

    Di Collishaw – seasoned teacher, acting leadership roles in different school contexts across Queensland. Always looking towards school improvement and capacity building of staff for the benefit of our students.

  6. Avatar

    I completed Spelling for Life and implemented into my Year 5 classroom this year. The lessons were interested for both teacher and students and we have all improved out spelling over this time. I am really looking forward to completing Reading for Life and eventually Language for Life. Thank you Lyn.

  7. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, I’m a Primary Teacher and Special Education Qualified Teacher from NSW who is looking to improve my capacity for literacy instruction as I am predominantly a mathematics specialist. I’m really looking forward to engaging with this course and implementing this new understanding in my classroom.

  8. Avatar

    Hi, I’m Janice. I teach at an Anglican College in Nowra. I’m Coordinator of Curriculum for our Junior School, as well as leading Stage 3 and teaching Year 6, on a half load. Our strategic plan for the next 5 years has a literacy focus, so I thought I’d do some PD to refresh my own learning.

  9. Avatar

    Only six months into my Science of Reading journey. I have just completed your Language Arts course and can’t wait to deepen my understanding with this and few of your other courses.

  10. Avatar

    My name is Lisa and I’m really looking forward to this learning. I want to improve my teaching of reading.I have been working on my knowledge of the science of reading for a few years now and I am teaching my students quite differently. I loved Spelling for Life so Reading for Life seems like the next logical step.

  11. Avatar
    Lauren Broderick

    Hi, I’m Lauren, a teacher from Mernda in Victoria. I’ve been on a Science of Reading learning journey for the past 2 years and trying to get as much PL under my belt as possible to improve my practice and better meet the needs of my students. I’ve already done a Spelling for Life course and loved the knowledge and skills I gained from it, so I’m very much looking forward to what more I can learn from this course!

  12. Andrew Boesch

    I’m looking forward to this course. I am a learning coordinator at a primary school and many of us have just started finding out about the science of reading. I am really looking forward to taking part in this course and having more of our teachers take part too.

  13. Avatar

    Lynn – so happy to be part of this course. I am in a small primary school in South Australia. I have attended a face to face with you before – 2 years ago, I think! I am working in literacy support, Gail

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