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Teaching the Alphabet and Handwriting

Welcome to Teaching the Alphabet and Handwriting!

Is knowing the alphabet important any more?

How about handwriting?

Lyn says, “Yes!” and in this mini-course, she shows you exactly why and how both topics can be approached and integrated as part of a high quality program of instruction to literacy learners.

Course Information

This course consists of:

  • A three-part instructional video
  • A handout to work along with during the video (please download this for use after you access has expired)
  • A certificate of completion for two hours of professional learning


Lyn has written three books on the subject of literacy and language, supported by online courses too. The links below will take you to each book.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching the Alphabet and Handwriting”

  1. Rosemary Ward

    Hi, I’m Rosemary. I actually work with migrant adults learning English. Many of my students did not go to school as children and so don’t have literacy even in their first language. My previous work was with adults and children learning English as a second language where my students had age appropriate literacy development in their first language. It is quite a different kettle of fish. I’m looking to improve my understanding of developing first literacy and take away a few new ideas on approaches to try, even though my clients are not young learners.

  2. Avatar

    Hi, my name is Emma. I have taught year 2 for the past 3 years (previously upper school) but am currently homeschooling my 6 year old as we travel around Australia.