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Science of Learning, Reading and Writing Masterclass 5


This masterclass series is designed to explore the latest research and evidence-based practices in the fields of learning, reading, and writing. Whether you are an educator, parent, or learner, this masterclass offers a unique opportunity to gain insights and practical strategies for improving learning outcomes. Join us as we delve into topics such as cognitive load theory, vocabulary instruction, and effective writing instruction.

In a series of videos, Daisy, Ollie, and Peps will deliver two 75 minute live talks each.

You can join us live (but be aware that this is UK-friendly timing, due to two of our guests being from there), or you can wait for the recordings around one week from each live event.

To spare what’s left of Ollie’s sleep time, his talks, on September 5 and 12 will be at the slightly later time of 10pm (London time).

You will then be enrolled on an online course that will unfold over the six weeks our speakers are presenting, and then a further six weeks to consolidate your learning.

No other courses are like this. Our live/recorded hybrid, coupled with quizzes, handouts, useful links and real time moderation make this unique.

Join thousands of educators worldwide to truly broaden and deepen your teaching knowledge.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a course that is being built using live webinars from August-September 2023.