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Tutoring for Life

Welcome to Tutoring for Life!

We hope you will have a wonderful time and learn a lot about small group and 1:1 tutoring to help your students catch up and keep on gaining!

You will have six weeks to complete the course. We estimate that it will take around four hours to complete all the modules and your certificate will be issued when you do.

Course Information

By the end of the course you will have

  • Learned what you can and can’t change in tutoring
  • Gained insight into spelling, reading and writing work that makes a difference
  • Learned about carer coaching, progress monitoring and behaviour management

We do hope you have fun and enjoy the course and we look forward to seeing you online soon!


Lyn has written three books on the subject of literacy and language, supported by online courses too. The links below will take you to each book.

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24 thoughts on “Tutoring for Life”

  1. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, Obviously got in – thank you. It does say that 0% of Spelling for Life has been done but as I have the certificate I’m not too worried! Looking forward to this one! Sharon.

    1. Avatar

      Yes, unfortunately your process does not carry on from the old to the new platform. If you want a new certificate, all you have to do is mark each section as ‘done’ and hey presto!


    After 12 years in an intense and demanding support unit setting I am now taking time to redirect my work path. I am making the time and space to focus on one very important thing in life. Quality literacy instruction. I am tired of working in an environment which hosts a constant stream of high school students with low to no literacy skills with executive staff who do not understand or seek evidence based approaches. I am particularly tired of hearing, ‘he can’t learn to read, we just need to focus on practical skills’. I can make a much better difference when free of school demands and constraints. I am transitioning into tutoring work and look forward to the content of this course.

  3. Kerri Richards

    Hi Lyn,

    I’m ba-ack! For my second attempt at finishing Tutoring for Life! I’m afraid I left it too long the first time round, and didn’t get it finished in the required time frame. But I’m determined to get it done and dusted this time!

    A little about me….After working for the Department of Education for 30+ years, I have become increasingly disenchanted with the system that I believe is failing so many of our most vulnerable children, particularly in developing their literacy and numeracy skills.

    After resigning almost 5 years ago, I am still trying to extract myself from the system (am doing relief teaching to help pay the bills), and have started a business helping parents who are homeschooling their children. I have also started tutoring. I’m looking forward to learning about evidence-based practice and how to make a positive difference in the lives of the kids I am working with and their families.


    1. Avatar

      Haha! Great to have you here, Kerri! Your journey sounds very interesting. Are you getting much business from homeschoolers? It’s an interesting arena.

      1. Kerri Richards

        Hi Lyn,

        Not a great lot of business as yet unfortunately. I’ve been a bit nervous in putting myself out there so am still at the start up stage I’m afraid. I’m working on a couple of online courses at the moment I hope to launch soon though. I also help parents write their education plans to submit to the Home Education Unit for approval. So I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

        I worked in Distance Education for 13 years so I’ve worked in both mainstream schools and with families who chose to go the Distance Ed path. Our DE school was not your typical Distance Ed school though. Meaning, we didn’t only work with families in remote areas. Rather, we had kids who enrolled with us for many different reasons. A large percentage of our enrolments in the Primary School were children with Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, or were autistic, and the parents felt that mainstream classrooms and schools just weren’t working for their kids. We had kids who were disengaged from school, kids who were travelling with their families for work or holidays, kids living overseas, kids who had medical issues and couldn’t attend school, plus your geographically isolated kids. So it was a really interesting and eye-opening time. I loved my time there, especially the online learning and teaching, but it was still a government school with all the typical government red-tape. And I became more and more frustrated as time went on.

        Which brings me here. Hoping to learn lots and eventually, make a difference 🙂

          1. Kerri Richards
            Kerri Richards

            Thanks Lyn! I have a few students I’ve started tutoring privately and am already putting into practice things I’ve learned from this course and other things I’ve learned in the last 12 months or so, since stumbling across the Science of Reading and Learning. So excited! I feel like I’ve found my people! 😉 🙂

  4. Avatar

    Hi Lyn,
    Excited for you to share your wisdom on the tutoring side of things – I have learnt so much in the last 12 months from a range of PD’s, so now I need to think about the best way to put it all together and make decisions on the most valuable content / strategies to implement with my students.

  5. Avatar

    Hi, Lyn looking forward to completing this course, I’m currently working in schools as learning support with MSL and Macq lit training thinking of getting into to tutoring…

  6. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, I’m Alex and I live in Adelaide. I’m a primary school teacher and mainly work in schools in low socio economic areas. Keen to continue my learning journey with you and Lifelong Literacy.

  7. Avatar

    Hi Lyn, wow, this was a fabulous course. It got me going down so many rabbit warrens that I clicked on links and checked clips and videos. Ultimately, I had to tell myself to focus on the big picture. I will come back to the course again when I start tutoring. Thanks for explaining everything so clearly and making it engaging. Cheers Susan

  8. Avatar

    Hi Lyn,
    I am a Literacy Intervention/ EAL teacher working part-time in a school in Geelong. I love what I do and I am looking at different options. I am excited to do your Tutoring course to expand my experience, expertise and skills in alternative settings. Thank you!

  9. Carolyn Bird

    Hi Lyn,
    I completed my Masters in Teaching a year ago and have been relief teaching since. I have tutored a bit in the past as a Governess but now would like to focus on tutoring as a business moving forward. I have a lot to learn and look forward to learning so much through Lifelong Literacy!

    1. Helen Brunner

      Helen here from Invercargill NZ (Looking forward to seeing you later in the year!). Second time through this course. I did late in 2020 and never really did anything with it. I recently completed my Sounds-Write training and thats given me the confidence to get out there and make a difference. Perfect timing for me to redo this course now to be ready to rock next term. Looking forward to work through and setting myself up for success.