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paperteamLifelong Literacy’s professional development curriculum days help schools meet the

  • grammatical,
  • visual,
  • phonological,
  • morphological and
  • etymological

learning needs of students. Working closely with the school administration and teachers, we help schools make improvements that benefit everybody.

Our programs aim to advance and broaden teacher understanding of how studying the structure of language can be developed in participating schools and what potential the approach holds for improving educational outcomes.

Six key themes form the backbone of our service, identified by schools as central to successful implementation of sustainable and effective models of professional development provision:

  • Models are kept flexible and able to adapt to changing needs of the school community
  • Schools are supported to access new developments in the programs
  • Dedicated roles are established to provide ongoing support in the implementation and maintenance of Lifelong Literacy’s programs
  • A process for establishing effective inter-school collaboration is articulated
  • Targeted professional learning opportunities are provided for school leaders, teachers and other staff
  • A suite of online resources is developed to guide and support schools in Lifelong Literacy’s programs.

Contact us to discuss your needs further. We are happy to provide quotes, based on the following costs:

  • Hourly consultancy fee
  • Return travel from Mornington, Vic
  • Accommodation if necessary

To read more about the range of topics we cover, click on the links below:




Long-distance consultation

blankRegional and remote schools sometimes prefer to book long-distance consultation online, through Skype or Zoom. We are equipped to do this and look forward to talking with you more on how we can help.

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