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Conjunctions: Connecting the Others

As it was with adjectives and adverbs, so it is with prepositions and conjunctions:

Adjectives modify nouns, adverbs modify other parts of speech.

Prepositions connect nouns, conjunctions connect other parts of speech.

There are three main conjunction types:

  • coordinating conjunctions (e.g. or, andbut) – joining elements that have equal status in a sentence
  • subordinating conjunctions (e.g. until, because, whether) – connecting subordinate clauses to main clauses.
  • correlative conjunctions (e.g. not only…but also, neither…nor, whether…or) – combining with other words to form a pair

In our practical guide to writing in Module 6, we will look at some lessons using conjunctions in written work.

Conjunctions Video (2 minutes)

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