Welcome to the course!

Our first meeting will be held on Monday April 8 at 6-8pm Melbourne time.

This webinar will be recorded and uploaded here by Thursday April 10. You will be able to view it as many times as you wish until your course access expires.

This will give you ample time to complete the course.

Your manual for week 1

This is the first in a set of 3 manuals, each pertaining to the forthcoming week’s webinar.

Please do the following:

  • Save this manual as a pdf download on your hard drive. That way you get to keep it forever.
  • Have a read through the manual before our meeting on Monday. 
  • Think of some words you’d like to tackle as we work together through the course and send them to me, either via email or in your introduction below.
  • Print this manual out if taking notes by hand is your preference (and I’ll provide an argument as to why it’s mine!)
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader and that your IT system allows downloads from the internet.
  • Love and cherish this manual and use it to raise the standard of spelling in your classroom  now and forever more!