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Lifelong Literacy on the Radio

186721-80004f40-5173-11e3-9447-447e09e048d9Richard Glover’s 702 ABC Sydney Drivetime Show had Lyn talking about idioms, phrases and ‘origins unknown’. If you turn a blind eye to a pig in a poke, this might not be for you!




The very lovely Steve Austin on Radio 612 ABC Brisbane interviewed Lyn about her new book, Spelling for Life. (27 mins)Steve Austin



Richards Stubbs, a worthy adversary, discussed whether the simplicity and science of spelling is just a ‘filthy lie’. Loved it! Richard Stubbs

Tom Elliot on Radio 3AW Melbourne recently lamented the off-putting nature of inappropriate apostrophes and poor spelling that many businesses engage in. He talked to Lyn about what it all meant.

The wonderfully erudite Sonya Feldhoff granted Lyn the privilege of talking about spelling, rules, exceptions and Spelling for Life on 891 ABC Adelaide. sonya-feldhoff

  Gillian O'Shaughnessy The lovely Gillian O’Shaughnessy on 720 ABC Perth interviewed Lyn about spelling snobbery and how we tend to look down on others because of their linguistic output.  


Perth radio was the host of our next interview too, this time on May 10th 2014 with the James Lush Breakfast Show on 720 ABC Perth. Listen in as James puts Lyn on the spot about the apostrophe. How do you think she did in the allotted 20 seconds? Lyn was also asked to stick around for the following interview with the Swan Theatre Company, whose upcoming production of Shakespeare’s ‘As you Like it’ is bound to be a hit!

James Lush ABC 720 Perth

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