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Craving some live interaction?

Me too!
The Spelling for Life, Language for Life and Reading for Life live one-day workshops have been so popular that we’ve decided to run them and others again in the lead-up to Christmas.
I do have some travel plans, but these workshops are NOT going to be affected by those, which makes for an all-round less anxious picture. I’ve also added some in-depth grammar study to the mix!
Ready for the dates?


Saturday October 23rd 9:30-12:30pm – Tutoring for Life

November 2021

Saturday November 13th 9:30-3pm – Spelling for Life
Saturday November 20th 9:30-3pm – Writing for Life
Saturday November 27th 9:30-3pm – Language for Life

December 2021

Saturday December 4th 9:30-3pm – Reading for Life

December 2021- January 2022: Special series – Language for Life segments

Every time I do a Language for Life workshop, I can’t help wishing we had more time. The parts of speech are so interesting, so dynamic, I feel like we’re only scratching the surface sometimes.

So let’s split each major word category into seven segments and take some time to do them justice.

Wednesday December 1st 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Nouns

Wednesday December 8th 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Pronouns

Wednesday December 15th 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Verbs

Wednesday December 22nd 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Adjectives

Wednesday January 5th 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Adverbs

Wednesday January 12th 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Prepositions

Wednesday January 19th 10am-11:30am – Language for Life Segments: Conjunctions

Each segment costs AUD$45 + GST and entitles you to come to the live event and to access the online course once it’s released, one week after each live event. You will have six weeks to access each course.

Want all seven? Want to save $70? Then get the bundle for only $245:

Language for Life Segments bundle of seven

Course format

  • Each course is specially designed for a live Zoom audience. There will be plenty of opportunities, before, during and after the workshops to ask questions and share comments. It will be a highly interactive, rewarding and practical experience.
  • All courses are $245 + GST, except Tutoring for Life, which is only $90 + GST
  • These webinars are unique events and will NOT be available as recordings.
  • Still in lockdown? Even if we come out of it by the time the webinars go live, you can still have 25% off the big ones (not Tutoring for Life, as it’s already very inexpensive) if you’re in lockdown now. Your discount code is LOCKDOWNLOVE.

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