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Punctuation for Life

punctuation for lifePUNCTUATION: The marks we use in written language help us to accurately express our thoughts and ideas.

Children intuitively begin to understand full-stops and commas, but apostrophes and quotation marks are quite another thing!

Punctuation for Life is a short online course for teachers of punctuation. You can also book a live seminar for your school curriculum day.

Participants will:

  • see presented fifteen punctuation marks,
  • gain insights into grouping the marks to aid understanding,
  • practise teaching even the more complex punctuation functions,
  • have access to the course for four weeks,
  • receive a re-useable worksheet for direct classroom application,
  • receive a certificate of completion.

Knowing when and how to teach each punctuation concept is the theme of this workshop.


Cost: $24.95 (includes materials, five weeks access to course and course certificate)

The course, done at your own pace, comprises five lessons, including video guides, related resources, quizzes and worksheets.

Some feedback:

“I have learnt so much in this course. The notes will be a very useful resource. Once again the videos helped to clarify my thoughts.”

A.D. Primary teacher

“I look forward to completing more courses you have offered. This has started the fire burning and I’m keen to learn more! Typical teacher!”

M.I. Primary teacher

“Thank you ‘Lifelong Literacy’! What a great way to learn in this time poor era that we are living! A great opportunity for teachers and the like, that are looking to further develop their knowledge on the conventions of the English language! As a teacher I like to have the answers for my students and feel more confident with my reasons behind my choice of punctuation cues! Looking forward to logging on for the grammar course next!”

M.S. Secondary teacher


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