Reading for Life face to face course

Finn the therapy dog likes to participate in professional development seminars.

Why is it that people struggle to read and write?

Why are there still so many vastly different methods of teaching literacy?

Why do people still argue about it?

The Reading for Life one day workshop for parents and teachers examines these three questions.

Together we will:

  • look at the definition of literacy and the six keys to fluent reading and writing,
  • discover the story of the Reading Wars,
  • see what it really means to be dyslexic,
  • experience examples of processing speed and working memory,
  • explore some practical tools to boost reading and writing.

Suitable for:

Lyn supports the Code Read Dyslexia Network
  • Teachers who wish to extend their knowledge and refine their instruction
  • Parents on their advocacy journey
  • Professionals involved in helping people reach their literacy goals

This hands-on workshop is designed to be accessible, understandable and practical. It is filled with take-home messages of positivity and usefulness, and reveals a wealth of resources worldwide to suit all levels of inquiry into this topic.

We run this course on demand through host schools. If you would like more information about being a host school, please contact us using this form.

Learn about the many free resources to support high quality reading instruction.

Some comments from the first ever Reading for Life workshop:

“Lyn made big ideas feel manageable. I enjoyed every minute of this workshop.”

L.P. Primary teacher

“It was fast-paced, very informative and had humour interwoven throughout the presentation. Contentious points were discussed, useful resources and evidence proffered. Lovely dog!”

S.B. LDA Consultant specialist tutor

“You are always engaging and you are an absolute wealth of information which is so incredibly valuable.”

M.S. Primary teacher

“Very happy with format. A great mix of listening, watching, group sharing, resources and text.”

R.T. Primary teacher

“Love the energy and passion you bring to the workshop, which is combined with your evidence-based knowledge and experience. I liked that you gave people the opportunity to talk at their tables.”

K.P. Parent advocate

“It was wonderful to hear Lyn’s clear articulation of the need for systematic synthetic phonics instruction for all. It was a pleasure to attend. Appreciated the range of resources which you shared on the day.”

A.W. LDA Consultant Tutor