Get ahead in reading fluency with Imogen

Hi everyone, I’m Imogen, Lyn Stone’s 17 year old daughter.

I’m going to be working at Lifelong Literacy over the summer break, helping children become faster, stronger and better at reading.

I’ll be running daily afternoon sessions in Mornington using Reading Pathways and some out-loud warmup exercises to practise sounds.

You can book in for as many or as few as you like. Each session is $27.50 and lasts half an hour, so it’s not too much of a burden in the holidays. You can even buy a block of 10 for a 5% discount and keep them in your back pocket.

Our goal is to get through as many lessons in Reading Pathways as possible so that your child’s reading fluency increases over the break. It’s a great way to sharpen those reading skills without taking up too much of the lovely holiday.

If you’d like to know more or set up a session, just ring the office manager on 0434 115 548 anytime M-F.

No pre-assessment needed, but you will have to buy your own copy of Reading Pathways so you can practise at home. Copies are $40 and are available at the practice.