3 Online Course Bundle: Individuals

$544.50 $467.50

Lyn Stone’s online course bundle offer for individuals.


Product Description

Secure your place on Spelling for Life, Language for Life and Reading for Life now at this discounted price of only $425. Then sit back and take your time as you walk through each course.

This offer expires on December 31 2019, but your access (3 months per course) to the courses only begins once you’ve logged in, so you can take all the time you need. Choose which one you’d like first, log into that one and then you have three months. Once you’re done, choose another and so on.

Take advantage of this offer now and rest assured that you will be having months of fun and learning at your own pace!

Want to try before you buy? Enrol in our sample courses and get a feel for the format!


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