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Language Arts with linguist Lyn Stone is an 18 hour workshop on developing literacy with students whose phonemic awareness and phonic knowledge have readied them for the next level.

Comprising six comprehensive modules, alongside tried and true teaching methods to get everyone excelling, this hands-on, engaging workshop is designed to raise teacher capacity to ensure mastery of the principles of structured literacy for all students.

Language Arts helps a teacher use up to date, research-based information about how we learn. It then helps them to apply that knowledge to imparting vital knowledge about how English writing works.

The Language Arts approach has a clear scope and sequence from Foundation-6 and dovetails well with any high quality systematic synthetic phonics program.

It is laid out using a direct, explicit approach with worked examples and incorporates robust teaching techniques designed to reduce cognitive load and increase retention.

It comes with resources and equipment for immediate application in the classroom.

The key topics are:

1. Learning how we learn:

What has science taught us about how to make changes in long-term memory?

2. The simple views of reading and writing:

What do we know about the critical processes involved in literacy acquisition, and how can we maximise this knowledge so that everyone gets the best deal at school?

3. Structured literacy:

What do children need to know about how words work in order to get faster, stronger, better at reading and writing?

4. Grammar beyond naming/doing/describing:

How parts of speech can be taught memorably and logically so that children understand, can use and enjoy grammar.

5. Morphological magic:

The secrets of teaching how to define, spell and learn word parts and their combinations.

6. Writing done well:

How to make the leap from word-level learning to producing high quality written work.

Suitable for:

  • Primary teachers whose students are ready to read to learn
  • Teaching assistants wishing to know more about literacy instruction
  • Education professionals working with groups and individuals
  • Homeschooling parents who wish to give their children a high quality literacy framework
  • Secondary teachers who have the desire to increase the quality of written work across the curriculum
  • School leaders looking for ways to keep up the momentum generated through high quality early literacy instruction

Program format:

Language Arts with Lyn Stone will be offered as a hybrid online Moodle course, with separate opportunities to attend live webinars. The webinar schedule will be flexible, in that there will be multiple offerings of the same webinar so that all participants have the opportunity to attend.

The content will be delivered over a six week cycle; one for each key topic. It will look something like this:


  1. Participants are enrolled on the Moodle course and granted access to Topic One: Learning How We Learn. This contains pdf documents, videos, quizzes, links to further information and resources, and forums to help familiarise participants with the material.
  2. During that week, there will be three (flexible) opportunities to join Lyn Stone live to hear her deliver the main content. During that time, there will be ample Q&A as well as opportunities to share with one another as a community of practice. Live webinars are scheduled to last one hour.
  3. The webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the Moodle for exclusive access to participants. So even if you happen to miss a live webinar that week, you can still access it. You are not restricted on how many live webinars you can attend that week either, so you are welcome at all three if repetition is your desire.

Repeat for all six weeks.

Upon completion, attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for 18 hours of professional development.


  • A K-6 scope and sequence, encompassing when and how to teach each element of Language Arts.
  • Digital downloads of each element manual, containing scripts, lesson plans and high quality worksheets and activities.
  • A video demonstration of each lesson, adapted to be delivered online.

For schools wishing to have whole staff trained in this program, please contact us for a quote.


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