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Punctuation for Life (Online Course)


How to uncover the simplicity and science of punctuation.

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Course Outline

PUNCTUATION: The marks we use in written language help us to accurately express our thoughts and ideas.

Children intuitively begin to understand full-stops and commas, but apostrophes and quotation marks are quite another thing!

Participants will:

  • see presented fifteen punctuation marks,
  • gain insights into grouping the marks to aid understanding,
  • practise teaching even the more complex punctuation functions,
  • have access to the course for four weeks,
  • receive a re-useable worksheet for direct classroom application,
  • receive a certificate of completion.

Knowing when and how to teach each punctuation concept is the theme of this workshop.


The course, done at your own pace, comprises five lessons, including video guides, related resources, quizzes and worksheets.

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