Spelling For Life Professional Development Workshop

Product Description

A one day whole-school in-service gives your teachers the skills and materials they need to conduct Spelling for Life lessons straight away in the classroom.

Included in the cost is a pre and post PD consultation regarding how best to implement the program throughout the school.

Participant numbers are not capped, but they are limited to school staff. No outside participants are permitted without prior agreement.

Price is dependent on various factors. Please contact us for a quote.


LESSON Description
Topic 1
1. Broken rules and word stories Exceptions and how to confront them.
2. Affixes Prefixes, root words and suffixes and their relationship with spelling.
3. The Spelling Formula A unique tool that mimics the process that competent spellers employ.
Topic 2
4. The difference between vowels and consonants Some basic linguistics to help make subsequent rules make sense.
5. What consonants say Generating consonant blends using logic.
6. Illegal letters The letters that are not permitted word finally.
7. The single vowels Why some vowels say their sound and why others say their names and the rules surrounding that.
8. The letter y The letter you use when you can’t use certain others.
Topic 3
9. Final Silent E,  jobs 1-3 Word-final E and its jobs.
10. Final Silent E job 4 Adding a consonant to –le at the end of words reveals a world of interesting, useful patterns.
11. Wacky R’s What happens to a vowel when it comes before R.
12. The Vowel Generator Another exclusive tool for forming legal digraphs.
Topic 4
13. Syllables How to count them and test their strength.
14. Schwa That strange little symbol so commonly misspelt in words.
15. To double or not to double? The philosophy of doubling consonants.

Topic 5

16. Final Silent E & suffixes The art of adding suffixes to Final Silent E words.
17. The return of Illegal I The whole rule regarding word-final y.
18. The Suffix Generator Our last tool for observing and mastering spelling patterns.



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