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Would you like to make grammar exciting and memorable? We provide books, courses, on-site workshops and personal tutoring to improve grammar knowledge and skills.

Learn how to present curriculum-compatible grammar lessons (and brush up on your own skills at the same time).

Start with an in-depth look at parts of speech using a unique tool, based on ‘Word Grammar’, a modern linguistic approach.

Within those modules we will also discover clauses, phrases and tense.

Armed with confidence and competence in that field, we branch out to an enlightening and engaging study of how to get the most out of reference materials.

Once that is done, we synthesise all that knowledge to embark on a delightful trip through morphology and its vital importance in literacy and learning.

BOOK AN ONLINE COURSE – AUD$150 per person

BOOK A WHOLE SCHOOL PD -Daily rate plus travel


















If you would like a look at the accompanying text, try this sample: GFL_SAMPLE_2013