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Over the years we’ve built up a toolbox of tips and tricks that help us get the most out of our pupils. As we often say, our clinic runs on a strict bribery and corruption policy. Reward systems and energizers are all part and parcel of the Lifelong Literacy inventory.

We also offer presentations and talks on the various components of literacy as well as insights into very early learning and Socratic questioning.

The presentations below last for 90 minutes each.

Do contact us if you would like to book one or more of these presentations for your school’s curriculum day. We offer half and full-day sessions. Costs vary depending on travel distance.

Ten Top Energizers to get your Classroom Buzzing!




A set of ten activities to facilitate teamwork, communication, concentration and problem-solving. Your class will be more receptive to your teaching and better able to remember and extend your lessons in just two weeks of short, daily energizers. Duration: 90 minutes. All ages

The Literacy Paradigm

literacy componentsA fascinating insight into the underlying sensory-cognitive functions of literacy acquisition. Gain an understanding of the processes involved in reading, writing and comprehension. Become skilled at diagnosing literacy difficulties and their origins. Become confident in choosing literacy and language interventions that work for all students. Duration: 90 mins. All ages and grades.

Now available as an online course for 19.95. More details here!


Very Early Years Literacy

babies reading

Personal and professional insight into teaching babies and tiny children to read. The facts and the myths explored.Duration: 90 mins. All ages and grades but particularly useful for kindergarten teachers or parents/grandparents of pre-school children


socratic questioningSocratic Questioning

Learn how to teach by asking rather than telling. The theory of the Socratic Method and practical exercises to turn your pupils into critical thinkers.

Duration 90 mins.

The Orders of Intelligence

Human intelligence


A 90 minute lecture on a description of intelligence, laid out in an ascending scale of abilities, all reflecting our sensory-cognitive systems and the inner workings of our very minds.

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