Thank You so much for a fantastic presentation that you gave to our students yesterday. From what I saw students found it very engaging and I’m sure they took away with them some spelling strategies for life.

Science of spelling high school talk

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the PD on Monday. The staff who attended all commented on your exceptional presentation style, level of expertise and their own ‘AHA’ moments both throughout the day and …

Spelling for Life

Thank you Lyn for giving us the gift of reading. After two and a half years working with a team of professionals and tutors my son had made very little progress. I was advised that his language and …

Reading at last!

“I think this will be very useful to me as a year 2 teacher. Lots of good grounding for later. Perhaps a direction for the whole school!”

DJ primary teacher

Spelling for Life live workshop

“Covered so much content but explained a lot of concepts that made sense and will make the teaching of spelling more meaningful both for myself and the children.”

CB primary teacher

Spelling for Life live workshop

“SO enthusiastically presented! SO much information that was useful! SO interesting! A wonderfully valuable day!”

CH Primary teacher

Spelling for Life live workshop

“You have inspired me to keep on trying!”

LH Year 7 teacher

Spelling for Life Live PD

I have just finished the Spelling for Life PD and I have found it very informative and relevant. I am looking forward to using many of the sample lessons in my own classroom and also to use in …

Spelling for Life Online

I did this course a few years ago as a student teacher so it was wonderful to be able to go through it again with some teaching experience. It was an awkward time for me to do it, …

Spelling for Life Online

Hi, I am Alison.

I am a Primary School teacher/ Literacy Support Teacher.

I have attended quite a few webinars, ‘Tricky words to spell’, ‘Socratic Questioning’ and ‘10 words we love to hate’. As well as being very informative, I …

‘How do you know so much?