Phonological Awareness Online​

Further Study

In this mini-course, Lyn defines and explores reading and writing fluency. The composite parts are explained and exemplified.

Identifying and Connecting Parts of Speech
Grammar beyond naming/doing/describing: Learn how Lyn and the Lifelong Literacy team introduce and practise parts of speech and syntax with their students.

The 4-Step Process:
In this self-paced online course, Lyn will take you through the four steps she uses in her practice to study words. She will use a variety of words, from simple to complex to demonstrate how the 4 Step Process can be used with students of all ages and abilities.

The IPA for beginners:
The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is a chart of symbols that represent the human speech sounds. Each one has its own symbol and its unique voice, placing and manner combination. The IPA allows linguists to transcribe words in any human language.

In this session, Lyn will outline the various aspects of the chart to give educators a working knowledge of what the IPA is and how it can and can’t be used.