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Meet Lyn Stone


Lifelong Literacy is a literacy consultancy in Victoria, Australia, run by Scottish linguist Lyn Stone.

Her job is to use research, evidence and linguistics to produce programs, methods and texts for students, teachers and educators worldwide.

Lyn gained her linguistics degree at University College London and worked in a variety of speech and language settings in Australia since graduating in 1994.

She began work at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes in Sydney as a clinician and rose to the rank of mentor whilst qualifying as a practitioner and trainer in:

  • Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • On Cloud Nine for Math
  • The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program
  • Seeing Stars

Lyn then went on to work at the Speech, Language and Literacy Centre in Sydney and qualified as a Spalding practitioner. Lyn has been in private practice since 1998 and has continued to train and mentor teachers whilst developing her linguistics-led learning programmes.

Lyn is an experienced public speaker with many radio and print media appearances.

Her book, Spelling for Life – Uncovering the Simplicity and Science of Spelling was released worldwide by Routledge Education in 2013 and her new book, Language for Life – Where Linguistics Meets Teaching was released in 2015.

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