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Here you will find recordings of our free webinars, with PDF slides.

Language Arts Online: A Free Guide

LDA Weekly Wednesday Webinar: Metalanguage

LDA Webinar Metalanguage PDF

The Simple View of Writing

Writing for Life online course

Dyslexia and Dysgraphia for Parents

Dyslexia Dysgraphia webinar for parents slides

How to Run Reading Pathways Lessons at Home

Reading Pathways Tracker (PDF)

Lessons in my Jim Jams


Unit of study: Space – Gorgeous Gallery now open!

Space part 2: ‘Space, planet, galaxy’

Space Part 3: ‘near, giant, solid’


The colour (color) words part one: blue, yellow, orange



The three completed worksheets:

Because I missed my students during COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to conduct and record a free half-hour word-study session every day. There was no age limit, children just needed to be able to copy things down at a reasonable pace. Below is a selection of some of the lessons.

The W-Effect – The letter can have an effect on certain vowels. Find out what in this video.

The Letter Y – Is is a consonant? Is it a vowel? What is it for?

Broken Rules and Word Stories Part 1

  • Download and print the blank Word Stories Wheel if you can. If not, copy it.
  • Paste it into your book.
  • Add today’s words to it.
  • Add more words when you find them.

Word Stories Wheel download

Language family tree article

Lesson 4 – Broken Rules and Word Stories Part 2


Keep adding to your word list.

Other Wacky Rs

Strong and Weak Syllables

Lesson 15 – Schwa

Schwa Part 2 and Irregular Verbs