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The Jim Jam Gang

Because I missed my students during COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to conduct and record a free half-hour word-study session every day. There was no age limit, children just needed to be able to copy things down at a reasonable pace. Below is a selection of some of the lessons.

Most of the time nowadays we tackle words with my 4-Step Process. Download a worksheet or two below.

Rabbits and tigers and bears!

Space part 2: 'Space, planet, galaxy'

The colour (color) words part one: blue, yellow, orange

Space Part 3: 'near, giant, solid'

The W-Effect

The Letter Y - Is is a consonant? Is it a vowel? What is it for?

Broken rules and word stories 1

Broken rules and word stories 2

Other Wacky Rs

Strong and Weak Syllables

Lesson 15 - Schwa

Schwa Part 2 and Irregular Verbs​