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Here you will find recordings of our free webinars, with PDF slides.

Language Arts Online: A Free Guide

LDA Weekly Wednesday Webinar: Metalanguage

LDA Webinar Metalanguage PDF

The Simple View of Writing

The Simple View of Writing slides (PDF)


Writing for Life online course


Dsylexia and Dysgraphia for Parents

Dyslexia and Dysgraphia workshop for parents slides ***this link is broken ***

How to Run Reading Pathways Lessons at Home

Reading Pathways Tracker (PDF)

Lessons in my Jim Jams

Because I miss my students, I’ve decided to conduct and record a free half-hour word-study session every day. There is no age limit, children just need to be able to copy things down at a reasonable pace. It is more for primary than secondary students, but I’m open to suggestions.

Lesson 1: The W-Effect – The letter <w> can have an effect on certain vowels. Find out what in this video.

Lesson 2: CVC and Vowel Suffixes – How to change a certain kind of base

Lesson 3: The Letter Y – Is is a consonant? Is it a vowel? What is it for?

Lesson 4: Final Silent E – What is it doing at the end of words and when do we let it go?

Lesson 5: Adding Suffixes to word-final Y and Final Silent E words

Spelling for Life: Lessons for Children

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Lyn Stone will be conducting free lessons in the Spelling for Life program for children. They will be recorded and posted here as time goes on.

If you are a parent or educator and would like to do the Spelling for Life online course, you can enrol below. It’s fully online, self-paced and contains worksheets, videos and everything you need to run Spelling for Life lessons. Click on the Spelling for Life symbol below.

Lesson 1 – The Difference Between Vowels and Consonants

  • Choose 5 names.
  • Write them down.
  • Take away the vowels.
  • Try to shout them.
  • Make the pledge: “I will spell every syllable with a  vowel!”

Lesson 2 – What Consonants Say

  • Make sure you’ve got your rules copied down:
    • Q is always written with the letter u.
    • When c comes before e, i or y it MUST say /s/.
    • When g comes before e, i or y it MAY say /j/.
  • Find more examples of the qu rule.
  • Find more examples of the c rule.
  • Find more examples of the g rule.
  • Extra work: find exceptions to these rules.
  • Extra extra work: figure out why these words are exceptions.

Lesson 3 – Broken Rules and Word Stories Part 1

  • Download and print the blank Word Stories Wheel if you can. If not, copy it.
  • Paste it into your book.
  • Add today’s words to it.
  • Add more words when you find them.

Word Stories Wheel download

Language family tree article

Lesson 4 – Broken Rules and Word Stories Part 2


Keep adding to your word list.


Send us a photo of your Word Stories Wheel with lots of examples. We’re looking for the most colourful, creative Word Stories Wheel. The winner will be sent a Cadbury’s Crunchie chocolate egg (or equivalent if you don’t like chocolate).

Winner announced on Tuesday April 14th during the Spelling for Life Jim Jams lesson!

Send your entries to

Lesson 5 – The Illegal Letters


  1. Find examples of words where Illegal Letters are solved
  2. Find exceptions
  3. Add the exceptions to your Word Stories Wheel

Lesson 6 – The Single Vowels

Lesson 7 – The Letter Y

Congratulations! If you have done all the lessons from 1-7, you have graduated out of our Spelling Starter level and are onto Spelling Technician. Download the tracker below and tick off the lessons as you go!

Spelling Starter Level 1 download (PDF)

Lesson 8 – Final Silent E: Jobs 1-3

Spelling for Life Level 2 Spelling Technician checklist

Spelling for Life Lesson 8 Final Silent E Jobs 1-3

Lesson 9 – Final Silent E: Job 4 (Part One)

Download the lesson framework here:

Spelling for Life Final Silent E Job 4 worksheet

Lesson 10 – Final Silent E Job 4 (Part Two)

Lesson 11 – The Wicked Sisters

Lyn is using the Really Great Reading Letter tiles. They are being offered free of charge until May 30th *****WHAT YEAR****. To access them, click this link. If your children have those tiles open in a different window during the lesson, they can follow along.

Lesson 12 – Other Wacky Rs

Lesson 13 – The Vowel Generator

For this lesson, you will need to print out the blank vowel generator. Download it below:

Vowel Generator Blank 2020

And now you’ve finished the last lesson in Spelling for Life Level 2: Spelling Technician.

You can download your checklist and tick off the lessons you’ve seen. Your next level is Spelling Expert. Are you ready?

Spelling for Life Level 2 – Spelling Technician

Lesson 14 – Strong and Weak Syllables

Lesson 15 – Schwa

Lesson 16 – Schwa Part 2 and Irregular Verbs

Lesson 17 – Adding Vowel Suffixes to Last 3 Cvc Words

Lesson 18 – Adding Vowel Suffixes to Final Silent E Words

Lesson 19 – Adding Suffixes to Y-Final Words

Please note: this video only has a soundtrack right now. The editing software failed to upload the picture. This will be rectified as soon as we get a minute!

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