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Humour, interaction and innovation have kept Lyn Stone busy as a guest speaker for over 15 years. She talks to a range of audiences about

  • language,
  • spelling,
  • grammar,
  • learning and
  • innovative approaches to teaching.


Lyn has been invited to address teachers on

  • curriculum days,
  • children at school assemblies and
  • business people in corporate settings all over Australia and the United Kingdom.

Lyn’s latest offering is a 20 minute talk called The Science of Spelling. The talk creatively demonstrates how spelling, maths and science are similar and has been warmly received by audiences worldwide.

The science of spelling talk

Here’s what Gavin Fraser-Williams, Director of Pastoral Care at St. Christopher School in Hertfordshire, England had to say:

“As a teacher, it was great to see our pupils so clearly engaged in Lyn’s presentation – not just physically involved through lots of audience participation, but intellectually involved by genuinely thinking about the issues she raised. I am sure Lyn’s talk will have made a lot of our children think again about their own learning, and helped them start to un-pick some difficult, yet enjoyable, challenges!”


If you are looking for a speaker who can make you laugh and think about language, look no further.

Make an obligation-free booking for a forthcoming Friday below and we will contact you to discuss your needs. Hourly consultation rate and travel expenses apply.

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