Book Lyn Stone to Speak

Humour, interaction and innovation have kept Lyn Stone busy as a guest speaker for over 15 years. She talks to a range of audiences at schools and conferences about:

  • language,
  • spelling,
  • grammar,
  • learning,
  • whole school transformation and
  • innovative approaches to teaching.

Lyn has been invited to address teachers on:

  • conferences,
  • curriculum days and
  • children at school assemblies.

Contact us today or call us on 0434 11 55 48.

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2 thoughts on “Book Lyn Stone to Speak”

  1. Avatar

    Hi Lyn,

    Your PD has been recommended. I am a principal in a Perth school in the northern suburbs. I am just checking which state you are in and would like to discuss the possibility of having you come to the school to present your reading PD to staff.


    1. Avatar
      Lifelong Literacy

      Hi Helen,

      I’m based in Victoria, but have plans to travel throughout Australia in 2021. I will be in Perth in June at this stage, but of course can be there at other times if necessary.

      Kind regards,