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School Consultation

What does it take to make a great school?

It takes well-informed, well-trained teachers who have the confidence and expertise to make sure each and every one of their students learns to read and write.

Does your school have a no-fail attitude to literacy?

No-fail means that every child, no matter their background, no matter whether they have barriers to learning, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, low oral language or a combination of all of these, EVERY child gets at seat at the table of learning to read and write.

What does this take?

If you want to build a great school with a no-fail attitude to literacy, talk to us today about an on-site consultation.

Our vast experience with many different schools* and our wide knowledge of available programs and tools will help you select and implement the right framework for confident teachers, and children reaching their literacy goals.

Book now for an obligation-free initial consultation with Lyn Stone and let’s take the plunge together into higher quality literacy instruction for everyone!