Recommended Reading

If you’re looking for further reading about dyslexia, developmental disorders, teaching, learning, education or even the broader fields of psychology and linguistics, you might find some gems on this page.

Disclaimer: Links to the books are provided. We have used an affiliate link, meaning that for every book purchased through that particular link, a small amount of money is returned to Lifelong Literacy. We are using this money to donate to a registered charity named  Code Read Dyslexia Network. Their mission is “for all people with dyslexia to be understood, acknowledged, empowered and to have equal access to opportunity.” Lyn Stone is a member of this network.

Making Sense of Interventions for Children with Developmental Disorders

If you read one book this year (apart from my new one), this should be it:

Read this before deciding on any intervention.

Bowen and Snow: two formidable forces in the field of literacy and language. This book is a must-have guide for parents, teachers and practitioners who are navigating the murky waters of interventions for children with developmental disorders (e.g. dyslexia, autism, speech and language disorders etc.).

The subject matter is deadly serious, but that doesn’t stop the authors from being hilariously funny at times. Here is one of my favourite excerpts, from the chapter on executive control, attention, and working memory:

Before closing this chapter, we consider other common neuromyths that permeate classrooms and parent chatrooms. First up, let’s give the silly idea that “we only use 10% of our brains” a decent burial. You might believe it, and we couldn’t possibly comment but suggest swinging the other 90% into action, right now, if you do.

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