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We love to produce videos to help our students and teachers explore and explain the English language. Browse through at your leisure or subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates. You can also use the search field on this site to find a particular subject.

When we started making videos, a whopping seven years ago now, this company was called ‘Linguist Learning’. It’s still us, just so you know!

Doing a spelling drill

This is Zac, who wishes to be known as The Best Student in the World, and who am I to disagree?

Open and closed syllables

Here’s one of our very first videos explaining why some vowels say their names in words.

The Triangle Game

Some students get the sound and name of letters mixed up. This video shows a way of separating them out through a fun game. It also warns about using the terms ‘long’ and ‘short’ when describing vowels.

The C-Rule

Here’s Lyn and her girls again, learning about the letter C and how its sound changes in words.

The difference between vowels and consonants

By far and away our most popular video ever. Do you know the difference?

The Letter Y

How do you explain the letter Y? This video offers some tips.

The result of systematic synthetic phonics

This is a video of my non-dyslexic daughter reading Fantastic Mr Fox fluently and with comprehension. She was taught to read using Siegfried Engelmann’s Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. This is a systematic synthetic phonics program using the principles of explicit direct instruction.

Why do we use punctuation?

A short video regarding the importance of punctuation.

Spelling Tricky Words

The following series focuses on the spelling of some tricky words. Do email us with requests for the words you’d like covered. There’s an answer for everything!




An important video by a parent finding out why the 3-Cueing System doesn't work: