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The Science of Learning, Reading and Writing Masterclass Series 2


There are ten sections in this course, with an additional “Where to next?” section at the end. Each of the ten sections has the following structure:

  • video  of each talk
  • handouts submitted by speakers
  • a quiz to revise and test your knowledge
  • a forum to share ideas, write queries, post feedback and chat to our online community of practice
  • optional resources for further reading (these are continually updated and added to and we happily take suggestions!)


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28 thoughts on “The Science of Learning, Reading and Writing Series 2”

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    Melanie Smithwick

    Hi Lyn, I’ve purchased this course and I’ve been able to access the Zoom session, but the course isn’t showing up in ‘My courses’ section so I don’t access to the resources at the moment. In ‘My account’ it still says that it is processing.

  2. Avatar
    Robyn Stickland

    Hi Lyn, the course isn’t appearing in ‘my courses’. Also, it is listed as $200 but I paid $220. Did I make a mistake?
    Kind regards, Robyn

  3. Avatar

    Hi, The recording 1 stopped a couple of times. I went back and came in again and it worked. I started the second. It stopped. I went back but it wouldn’t come up with the second video. Any suggestions?

  4. Avatar

    Hi Lyn
    I had a power issue on Friday and could not view the live version of Tom’s forum. Just wondering where I can acces recorded version and the quiz for the previous week.

  5. Avatar

    I did the second quiz and believe I had the correct answer for question 3.
    After completing the quiz , I discovered that the answer was given in the question. My answer was the same but for some reason, it was given ‘incorrect.

  6. Avatar
    Raelene Maree Harding

    Masterclass 2 was fantastic. Thank you Lyn for bringing this critical professional learning to us in a very accessible manner.
    See you in masterclass 3!

  7. Avatar

    I enrolled for this course but even though I have received emails about sessions etc its not showing up in my courses. My account says processing. Not sure where to go from here? Sorry.

    1. Avatar

      Hi Mel,
      You are definitely enrolled, though you may not be logged into the right place. If you click ‘log in’ and use the details I just re-sent in an email, you should see your course right there. Please email me if this continues to be a problem. We can and will troubleshoot until it’s resolved.

  8. Avatar
    Sally-Anne Walton

    A great course, Lyn. Thanks for putting it together. I haven’t heard Tom or Chris speak before so it was great to hear from new people. I am looking forward to purchasing Chris’ book. And as always, I learnt lots from you too.