How online courses work, some FAQ

Q. How long will the course take?

A. You will have access to the entire body of the course for up to six months from the date of your first login. Login means going onto the course site and beginning the course. You can purchase a course and keep it unopened for as long as you wish, but once you log in, your access starts to count down. Mini-course access lasts six weeks, medium courses last three months and Language Arts lasts six months. Access can be extended for a monthly fee.

Q. How are the courses structured?

A. Each course is divided into separate sections. Those sections comprise several topics which can be done at your own pace.

Within each topic you will find the following:

  • theory sections,
  • video guides
  • handouts,
  • forums.

Q. What happens if I don’t get through the course in the allotted time?

A. If you find that you don’t get through all the material in the allotted time, we are happy to grant weekly extensions for a monthly fee until completion. Fees vary depending on the size of the course:

Mini-courses: $10 per month

Medium courses: $20 per month

Language Arts: $75 per month

The only thing we do not do is issue refunds or transfers to other people once your access has begun.

Q. Do you issue refunds at all?

A. If you have not logged into the course and find that your circumstances have changed and you feel that you will not be able to do the course, we will happily refund you. Once you’ve logged in though, I’m afraid we cannot do that. This protects us from intellectual property breaches. Not that you’d ever do anything like that, but our legal advisers prefer a higher level of security.

Q. How do we pay?

A. Payment is due before access can be granted. There are several ways to do this:

  • credit card
  • Paypal
  • direct deposit

We will provide you with tax invoices and receipts upon request.

Q. Do we have to purchase any supplementary materials for this course?

A. No, all your resources are built into the course. There is a paperback that accompanies Spelling, Language and Reading for Life, if you wish it, but it is not necessary to have one. Discount vouchers are available upon request.

Q. How do I know when I have finished?

A. There are no strict criteria for completion. We do ask though that you attempt all the quizzes.

When you feel that you have gone through all the material then it is up to you to let us know that you have finished. We will then begin the completion process whereby you will be awarded your certificate.

Q. What equipment do I need in order to do the course?

A. Here is your checklist:

  • I have an internet connection from this century
  • I am able to download pdf files like this one: sfl-gfl-reg-form
  • If I can’t download pdf files such as the one above, I can click this link and get the latest software that will enable me to do it
  • I can watch videos on YouTube (try one here)

Q. Can more than one person participate under one registration?

A. There are obviously no limits as to how many people can see a screen at one time, but no, each registration is intended for one individual at a time. This gives each participant the best possible and most personalised service.

Just so you know, also, we can see every time a document, video etc. has been opened and viewed, so multiple openings and viewings might lead us to wonder whether you are indeed working alone!