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Writing Resources

In this section you will find some additional resources to help you if you need guidance on introducing the concepts in the Spelling and Handwriting Scope and Sequence.

These resources are taken from the Spelling for Life course. This is a 6 hour PD, and if you feel that you need guidance on teaching spelling, this course might be for you. It contains many more of the scripts and videos listed here and follows a cohesive sequence.

Please contact us for discount codes for the online version and/or to book a whole school training.

Contents of this section:

  1. Final Silent E script and worksheets
  2. Final Silent E vintage video (this was made in 2011 and is due for an update, the content, however, remains relevant today!).
  3. Last 3 CVC video
  4. Illegal Letters video
  5. Consonant start and End Card script
  6. Wacky Rs script and worksheet
  7. Vowel Generator script and worksheets
  8. Blank Vowel Generator
  9. The Return of Illegal I script and worksheets

Final Silent E lesson script and worksheets

Vintage Final Silent E video​

Last 3 CVC webinar

Illegal Letters

Consonant Start and End Cards

Wacky Rs script and worksheets

The Vowel Generator


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