Handwriting Workshops

Would you like your child to participate in some handwriting lessons to help improve:

  • pen grip
  • posture
  • letter formation
  • writing fluency

Explicit teaching of handwriting isn’t what it used to be!

Join us at the practice in Mornington holiday workshop on beautiful handwriting.

Our wonderful Christianne will take your child through all the steps to handwriting mastery in a small, friendly group.

Cost: $450 per cycle, which includes 5 lessons in total, plus purchase of a gorgeous handwriting fountain pen and ink,  paper supplies and practice kit.

We take expressions of interest from parents and form groups according to interest.

Contact us to express your interest in classes this year.

If you find you are going to miss a class, we can make up the time in the next cycle.

Classes will be grouped by approximate age.

Contact us today or call us on 0434 11 55 48 to chat about our handwriting workshops and literacy services.