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Meet the team

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I am a linguist and author who spends a lot of time thinking about reading and writing. My greatest joy is to work with children who struggle with literacy and basic maths.

I am a huge fan of evidence and research and will not use or promote a program or method that isn’t very best practice.

There are simply too many pitfalls for concerned parents, who want the best for their children, but find themselves navigating a maze of sciency-sounding programs and under-qualified practitioners.

Here is my training:






Sue Crust

Sue is an experienced primary teacher of 25 years. As well as classroom teaching, her experience is in using best practise to tailor individual pr ograms to specifically meet the needs of each child in the areas of Maths and English.

She does this using a positive and reassuring approach, yet doesn’t mind challenging her students at the same time. She likes to encourage her students to be the best they can be.

Sue’s Training:

  • The Lindamood LIPS Program

  • Spelling for Life

  • Spalding Writing Road to Reading Levels 1 & 2

  • Grammar for Life

  • EMU (Extending Mathematical Understanding Prep-3)

Jacqui Edwards

Jacqui comes with a wide range of expertise.

“Over my years of teaching I have encountered many methods for teaching literacy, but I found many just didn’t reach the children who were struggling. I became increasingly focused on evidence based approaches for best practice teaching of literacy.  This led me to undertake a Masters of Speech Pathology and,  here to Lifelong Literacy.
I am excited to be delivering a program that actually sees students progress, build in confidence, and gives them a much needed and deserved ‘leg up’ in literacy. ”

Jacqui’s training:

  • Masters of Speech Pathology (current)
  • Registered teacher Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • Spelling for Life
  • Grammar for Life
  • SPELD Victoria Teacher Training Course on Specific Learning Difficulties
  • BA Professional Writing

We’re not big fans of anecdotes and parent testimonials, but I love what I read in this email from the mother of one of the most brilliant, hardworking boys I’ve ever met:

Profile portrait of a handsome young boy“Thank you Lyn for giving us the gift of reading.

After two and a half years working with a team of professionals and tutors (including educational psychologists, speech and language pathologists, a dyslexia specialist and an audiologist) my son had made very little progress.

I was advised that his language and literacy challenges were complex and severe, and that I should prepare for a life of special accommodations.

After just three months of tutoring with you my son has made more progress than ever before, we both have renewed enthusiasm and optimism and, best of all, my son has begun to read!

I am incredibly grateful for the joy and hope you have given us.”

Recent feedback from the mother of an eight-year old.



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