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Lifelong Literacy is a tutoring practice run by Lyn Stone and her team. We are physically based in Victoria, Australia, however, we have a strong team of Zoom experts who deliver high quality online tutoring too.

We offer a low-variance, evidence-based suite of instructional programs to enhance reading, writing, comprehension and spelling for children and adults. We have vast experience with students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, other developmental learning disorders, and/or students who have not had access to high quality school teaching. We can also provide an advocacy and caregiver coaching service. 

Should you be considering tutoring, the first step would be to have an initial consultation and assessment with one of our consultants.

Our initial consultation is where we do essential assessment and planning. This lasts approximately one hour. From that consultation, we create a document called the Education Strategy Summary which is an overview of any prior diagnosis, strengths, areas of concern, what we plan to do, what you’re doing at home and what the school can do to help. Then, if you feel that you would like to work with us, we place you with a tutor.

We usually recommend weekly sessions.

Some schools are open to having us visit in school but anything outside the practice incurs an extra travel cost for out tutors.

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